7 things wrong about female ejaculation
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7 things wrong about female ejaculation

1: The “fountain woman” is a myth

Female ejaculation, female expulsion or “woman fountain”, these three expressions refer to the same process: “involuntary urogenital fluid expulsion”, describes the sexologist Caroline Meauxsoone-Lesaffre in an article she published in 2013 *.

While the observation of female ejaculation has been reported since antiquity, its name continues to be debated today: “The expression ‘fountain woman’ is a name I use little because it has long been associated with some negative, disgusting, characterizing a woman who does not know how to restrain herself, who urinates … or something spectacular, like pornography where fake female ejaculations can be staged “, explains Tiphaine Besnard-Santini, sexologist and doctor in sociology.

On the science side, the research carried out on female ejaculation is fairly recent: “They have only existed for 20 or 30 years, which is why the subject of female ejaculation is still at the origin of heated debates between sexologists, urologists and gynecologists “says Tiphaine Besnard-Santini.

2: Only few women can ejaculate

What percentage of women can experience female ejaculation? “This figure is still debated today,” notes Tiphaine Besnard-Santini.

On the one hand, “several specialists like Deborah Sundhal ( American expert in female sexuality, ed) affirm that 100% of the women possess this faculty” reports the sexologist. According to other specialists, this concerns only a small percentage of women: 6, 10 or 40% of women according to the studies. But “these data are unreliable because it is a taboo subject where discomfort and modesty sometimes censor the answers” commented several gynecologists and urologists in the study What do we know about women’s fountains and ejaculation in 2015 ? ** 

Thus the exact number of women who can or have already experienced ejaculation is not stopped. “There is no established evidence because this research subject remains taboo, full of prejudices and stereotypes,” notes Tiphaine Besnard-Santini. But “potentially, any woman has the physical capacity to ejaculate,” says the former actress and director Ovidie, in her book Osez … discover the point G(Editions La Musardine, 2014).

3: The ejaculated liquid is urine

In terms of biological composition, “the female ejaculate has similarities with the male ejaculate because it contains glucose and PSA (prostate specific antigen) … Similar composition, sperm less” describes Tiphaine Besnard-Santini. Female ejaculate also contains creatine and a small amount of urea. Its particular composition shows that it is therefore neither urine nor cyprine , the vaginal and lubricating secretion produced by the Bartholin glands.

But where does this liquid come from? “The female ejaculate is produced by a separate organ, either the Bartholin’s glands or Skene’s glands, or both sets, or the G-spot area  when stimulated,” says the sexologist. The G-spot, also called “female prostate” is indeed a tissue composed of glands “present in 80% of women,” writes Dr. Marie-Claude Benattar, gynecologist, in his book Plaisir feminine (Editions Josette Lyon, 2008) . This “bunch of grapes” that surrounds the urethra channel “swells under the effect of caresses, fills and produces by activation of its glandular cells a fluid”. The ‘ women’ fountains.

As reported by Dr. Salama and his colleagues *, the most sustained theory is that ejaculate is actually composed of two distinct fluids: “a first abundant, aqueous, transparent, and containing urea, creatine and uric acid, and a second very scanty (less than a milliliter), thick, milky, and containing a lot of PSA. ” They specify that “the first would be a diluted urine and correspond properly to the squirting of women fountains.The second would then be a prostatic ejaculate by analogy to the mechanism of ejaculation in humans”.

Quantity question , the volume is variable according to the women and according to the ejaculations. The quantity emitted fluctuates thus from 5 milliliters to 200 milliliters, that is to say that it can go from a few drops to a half of beer, by way of the teaspoon, the tablespoon or the cup “exposes doctor Gérard Leleu, sexologist, in his book The Treaty of orgasms(Leduc.s Editions 2007).

“Female ejaculation can be repeated several times and without latency, unlike male ejaculation, which can explain large cumulative volumes of ejaculate,” notes Tiphaine Besnard-Santini.

4: The ejaculate flows like cyprine

“Unlike the cypress that oozes, pearls like sweat, the ejaculate comes out like a jet and does not trickle,” describes Tiphaine Besnard-Santini.

Specifically, the spongy and glandular tissue around the urethra throat liquid under the effect of caresses and grows. The ejaculate is then evacuated into the gland channels and out “either through the urethra or outside the vulva ” says the sexologist.

5: Female ejaculation is inevitably associated with an orgasm

The sensation that accompanies a female ejaculation is “quite variable according to different testimonies,” reports Tiphaine Besnard-Santini. Thus, “as in humans, ejaculation can be dissociated from orgasm and can occur at different points in the relationship,” she adds. “Most often, ejaculation seems to be experienced by the woman as a peak of strong sensation, and is also associated with an emotional peak because the G-spot area is linked to the vagus nerve itself involved in the emotions. ‘Other women, ejaculation will be experienced as a release, as when one relieves his bladder after a strong urge to urinate because the loaded glands need to evacuate the liquid “details the sexologist.

But “if ejaculation occurs during orgasm, it can increase the pleasure of the woman, ” observes the specialist.

6: Only the penetration causes a female ejaculation

Whether the ejaculation is produced by the glands around the urethra or by the G-spot tissue, the excitable area is in both cases in front of the vagina. This is why “all positions that stimulate this area will be interesting to cause female ejaculation: the position of the missionarywith a cushion under the buttocks of the woman to lift them, the doggy style or simply the introduction of fingers into the vagina, orienting them upwards and stimulating the area in a regular, gentle and circular way will prove effective “, according to Tiphaine Besnard-Santini.

While Penis or Finger Penetration is often required to trigger female ejaculation, it is not always necessary. Indeed, “some women manage to ejaculate only with cunnilingus because the clitoris has roots of about ten centimeters that surround the vagina and the glands suspected of producing ejaculate. External stimulation of the clitoris can then stimulate these glands and this excitement may be enough to ejaculate, but it is still very rare “comments the sexologist.

7: It is impossible to learn to ejaculate

If we consider that from an anatomical point of view, all women are able to experience female ejaculation, can they all practice this experience? “There are stimulation exercises to learn how to ejaculate,” recognizes Tiphaine Besnard-Santini. “First and foremost, they are familiar with this area, self-stimulating before trying with their partner,” she adds.

“The first step is already in the deconstruction of the fear of urination, by means of psychological wor, because a lot of liquid can be expelled and women may be afraid of dirtying the sheets or the surface on which they are located. Most often, we must first break this inhibition inherited taboo and embarrassing and embarrassing aspect of female ejaculation “advises the sexologist.

But beware, learning to ejaculate should not become an injunction for women: “we should make this possibility a constraint and thus establish a new terrorism according to which the woman who does not have a hypersensitive G spot and automatic ejaculation would not be normal or worse would not be a ‘real’ woman.Women do not have to make ejaculation the goal of all sex (but they may learn to get it.) Men do not have to systematically demand this issue “and warns Dr. Leleu, sexologist doctor, in his book. Because sexual intercourse must above all be a moment of shared pleasure.


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