Nickname in love: ideas of little names to say "I love you"

Nickname in love: ideas of little names to say “I love you”

Romantic, original, full of love, cute like everything … The love nicknames are many and there is something for everyone! Whether you want to discover the meaning of your little names or you lack ideas, you are told everything.

“My darling”, “my love”, “my bird of the islands”, “my sugar duck” or “bibiche”: love nicknames are as numerous as couples! And sometimes, fortunately, that ridicule does not kill, does it? Can we classify them? What do they mean? How to find an original, cute, totally romantic nickname that reflects our love? Our analysis and our ideas! 

Meaning of love nicknames

Giving his companion or companion a nickname love is never trivial: it reflects the state of the relationship and the love that one carries to his spouse. 

  • childhood love nickname (my baby) puts you in a maternal, domineering position. 
  • romantic nickname (my love) proves the unique love you bring him.
  • precious nickname (jewel) shows how much your spouse is counting for you – but beware of the underlying jealousy! 
  • greedy nickname (my cabbage) is both sensual, fun and cute. 
  • A nickname for a pet (my cat) denotes your need for fidelity and tenderness. 
  • A nickname related to a wild animal (my wolf) is very erotic – and often makes sense under the duvet!
  • A nickname related to the first name (my Alex) does not really relate to a nickname love because it’s a safe bet that your friends nickname you the same way! An opportunity to redouble your imagination and find new ideas? 
  • quaint nickname that emphasizes filiation more than love (my fiance) tends to prove that the couple is more focused on the link and future projects (like making children).
  • Finally, a nickname funny and original (my fat) reflects a nice complicity in the couple, unless one of them does not live well … 

Love nickname ideas for men and women

Lovers do not lack imagination in terms of nicknames … From the cutest to the most original, from the most romantic to the wildest, from the most gourmet to the funniest … get plenty of ideas !

  • Children’s nicknames  : my baby, my baby, baby
  • Precious Nicknames  : My treasure, jewel, my diamond
  • Romantic nicknames : my sea corsair, my fairy, my Juliet, my queen
  • Animal Nicknames  : My Kitten, My Hen, My Rabbit
  • Wild nicknames  : my tigress, my wolf, my gazelle, my bear
  • Gourmet Nicknames  : my love apple, my cabbage, my sugar, my chouquette
  • Old-fashioned nicknames  : grandpa, grandma, my fiance, my half 
  • Original nicknames  : my sushi, my lily, my madness, my dimple 

And in English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic?

If you run out of ideas, take a look at the most common nicknames abroad! Sometimes cute, romantic or original, all inspire us and translate love!

  • English nicknames  : baby, cookie, cuddle, cowboy, honey or sweety, teddy, monkey
  • Arabic  nicknames: habibi (my love), azizi (my darling), galbi (my heart)
  • Spanish nicknames  : mi vida (my life), media naranja (my half), cariño (my treasure), mi bichito (my little insect)
  • Italian nicknames  : dolce metà (my half), mio ​​caro (my darling), mio ​​pulcino (my chick), mio ​​tesoro (my treasure) …


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