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Top 10 App Of Whatsapp Status Download 2020

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application of all time, mainly because it is one of the pioneers in appearing on cell phones to replace the traditional way of sending messages, allowing since its inception, share multimedia files and other functions that They were appearing, including the status. But is it possible to download Whatsapp status from apps? Find out Top 10 App Of Whatsapp Status.

WhatsApp status was presented long after the new Snapchat offered a similar option, through quick posts that disappear 24 hours after posting. Although Instagram was perhaps, the first to “adopt” this feature for its social network, little by little other popular networks and apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp itself decided to incorporate it too, although, with the latter, the reception is much greater and personal.

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For this reason, we decided to search among the thousands of App Of Whatsapp Status to Download available in the Google Play Store. we show you which are the most useful and complete, thanks to a review of features and functionality that we do for you. Keep the Whatsapp status of your favorite friends and relatives so you can enjoy them after 24 hours, and easily download Whatsapp Status to your Android phone.

App of WhatsApp Status

best WhatsApp status download apps Android

2020 New Video Status – Video Status Song 2020 App Android. Get ready to download all your favorite WhatsApp statuses in just seconds thanks to this application. With the New Video status App, you can do a handful of actions, such as downloading the images and videos, save them to your device, share it with other apps and repost it, if you want to publish it also with a single flip. This is the best app of WhatsApp status.

To download the Whatsapp status you will only have to enter your WhatsApp app and view them, then go to New Video status App and have in downloadable format and organized by contacts, all the WhatsApp status you already saw, with the option to download them one by one or several to at the same time, becoming one of the applications to download the most complete WhatsApp status of all.

best WhatsApp status download apps iPhone

Bolly – The video status App For iPhone. Bolly is Another app of WhatsApp status. From this App you can obtain images, videos, audios or gifs of the status that have shared your contacts, to keep them, edit them, share them or publish them, if you wish. You no longer have to ask your friends to send you the photos, because you can download Whatsapp status for yourself.

In that sense, to download the Whatsapp video status, just like the previous application, you just have to visualize all those published by your contacts in the WhatsApp application, and then see them organized in this App, where you can also make quick edits and then save them to your device, or send them to your friends from other networks. Even to publish them directly to your status.

best WhatsApp status download apps Android

New Video Status 2020 Android – Whatsapp Status Apps. If you are one of those who like applications that go straight to the point, New Video Status app of Whatsapp Status is your perfect alternative. With it, you can download WhatsApp status of all your contacts, without having to enter the WhatsApp app, because you can view them, directly, from this application, thanks to a multimedia player that has built-in.

Based on this, Status Downloader will be very useful if you want to get the videos, gifs or images that your family and friends shared, individually or all at once! Allowing you to execute actions in batch to obtain them all in the same batch of downloads. In addition, you will also be able to share, repopulate, edit and send them to your contacts privately.

best WhatsApp status download apps Android

All Latest Video Status Android. Maybe you prefer light apps, a feature you get with Whatsapp Video Status Downloader. This application is ideal to obtain all the status that your friends have uploaded directly to the WhatsApp, only by viewing them, since, All Latest Video Status Downloader obtains them after you open them, and shows you a billboard with all the organized and reproducible files.

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It should be noted that Status Downloader is used by thousands of users who are looking for applications to download light and complete WhatsApp statuses. Get the images that your friends do not want to send you, in the best quality available, and without having to resort to other rudimentary and low-quality methods, such as screenshots directly in the states. This is the best app of WhatsApp status.

free video statuses for WhatsApp

Romantic Video Status app. One of the apps to download WhatsApp status that you should try it undoubtedly Romantic Video Status app. With it, you can download all the status you want, including images, videos and gifs in HD, thanks to the reconstruction tool that allows you to improve the quality of the status in the highest option available.

However, among the notable advantages, we find that the Romantic Video Status app Downloader also allows you to view your friends’ publications in an “offline” way in case you run out of data, but you had already opened the status before. All the visualizations you make will be automatically downloaded by this application so that you later decide to save or delete them. This is also the best app of WhatsApp status.

best WhatsApp status download apps Android

Video Status 2020 iPhone – Whatsapp Status Apps. An ideal application to download the status and clean your smartphone. Yes, clean it. WhatsApp, even if you don’t know it, download all the status that you view automatically and store them in the memory of your device indefinitely, although it automatically hides them so that you cannot view them manually.

Addressing this problem, Video Status will allow you to see this hidden content, which will be all status, including photos, videos and gifs downloaded automatically after viewing them, to be able to use them, share them on other social networks, make aesthetic editions, and even, repopulate it or publish it directly in your status too.

best WhatsApp status download apps Android

New video status Android. With a very striking interface, alluding to the colors of the WhatsApp, this app is considered one of the best app of Whatsapp Status to download the most used status. With it, you can perform the basic actions to do what you want, which is to obtain those multimedia files that your friends share in the green balloon app.

It should be noted that to use it, you will have to give it certain accessibility permissions if you are one of those who have a terminal with Android 6.0 or higher. However, if your device is in the lower ranges, you don’t have to worry because just seeing the states directly from WhatsApp, they will be downloaded automatically so you can save them later.

best WhatsApp status download apps Android

Video Status 2020: Lyrics and new song status Android. According to WhatsApp policies, the status shared by all users is deleted after 24 hours automatically. Unless you do it manually in a shorter time. However, Whatsapp Status story stores all publications of your contacts after viewing them, so you can access them, even after the end of the period of validity.

On the other hand, with this simple application, you will be able to download those funny memes, Status with song lyrics and images that your friends share or keep the publications where you appear in photos that your family members publish. Even if you want to access the videos published by your contacts, you only need this app, this is the best app of WhatsApp status for download and share.

best WhatsApp status download apps Android

Video Status 2020 – All status videos Android. This is another app of WhatsApp status, we have Video status 2019. It is one of the most suitable apps for those who want to quickly and easily download the status of WhatsApp directly on Android.

It can be used to save videos and photos, so just check the status of your contacts and decide what you want to download. You can download all WhatsApp status apps from the first line of all paragraphs.

Top 10 App Of Whatsapp Status Download 2020

Enjoy – Funny Videos & Pictures for WhatsApp Status. Last but not least, one of the best app of WhatsApp status that allows you to perform complete actions. Yes, with this Whatsapp Funny video status app you can download all the status, including the images, videos and gifs shared by WhatsApp, in the same action, just selecting them and keeping them all.

From the list of apps to download WhatsApp status, Enjoy is ideal to keep those stories of status that are long and consecutive, for example, those shared by your friends during your visit to a tourist place, or the registration of an activity or event which you could not attend, you can quickly store everything on your smartphone, without having to go to your friends to be forwarded to you.

Best Whatsapp Status downloader Apps Android/ iPhone 2020

In conclusion, we all use WhatsApp daily to keep us in touch with our family, friends and work environment. And with the arrival of the famous status, it became a necessity, sharing our daily events as soon as you happen. Who doesn’t like to see what others are doing? Hence the functionality that is causing so much trend among the world’s users was born, even replacing other similar apps.

All about Apps to Download WhatsApp Status

And, with these apps to download WhatsApp states you can get a high definition copy or in the best quality available, of all the multimedia files shared by your contacts. Download the photos and images you want, enjoy the videos they publish in the status, or simply keep the gif and then forward them to your friends and start a funny and pleasant conversation, you can do everything with them!

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we know the importance that these statuses have for you, so we bring you this review of the most complete apps to download and keep them on your device easily. Although some have exclusive functionalities, they all fulfill their main objective: download WhatsApp status Apps, so we invite you to try them all and make the best decision. This was our TOP 10 best app of WhatsApp status.


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