Viral: Know where to get the 'Baby Face' filter that everyone uses
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Viral: Know where to get the ‘Baby Face’ filter that everyone uses

Snapchat came back! The new filter with ‘Face of baby’ is one of the global trends that has driven all users crazy in social networks, knows here how to use it. 

The filters for the face are the latest, as many people use several of them daily as they are fun, easy to use and you find them on your favorite or most used social networks, however, we have to remind you that this boom was born thanks to the Snapchat application, 

Snapchat was the first application to present the filters for the face and it was one of the most downloaded, but due to the delay that many had, they decided to abandon this application. In addition, Instagram and Facebook were coupling many of the features that had this application.

Viral: Know where to get the 'Baby Face' filter that everyone uses

However, in social networks we can see that a filter has appeared that has attracted the attention of all users, because it is the new baby filter or baby face, this effect transforms your face as if you were a child, the incorporation of this new filter to Snapchat to caused a furor in social networks, so much was the emotion of the users to use this effect that Snapchat returned to gain popularity and many downloads of its application again. 

The popularity of these effects has been so great that celebrities also dared to play with her, among the best known are J Balvin, Juanpa Zurita, Jennifer Lopez, and many others.

Where do I get the baby filter? 

This new filter you get in the Snapchat application, so the first thing you should do is download the application to your cell phone and register if you already had an account before you just have to enter directly and go. This new effect will help you to reduce a few years.

Viral: Know where to get the 'Baby Face' filter that everyone uses

How is it used? 

1. When you enter the application, the camera will open, next to the image grabber you will find a smiley face, you just have to click on that image to see all the filters. 

2. Look for the baby filter, it’s a little face with a beige hat, so once you select the option, you should focus your face. 

3. Once you have focused your face to take the picture or record, you just have to press the central button to capture the image and you’re done. 

4. Once you have taken the photo or video, you have the option to save it in your gallery, you just have to click on the corner of the screen where the save option is displayed, and you will be ready to share it on your other social networks. 

Viral: Know where to get the 'Baby Face' filter that everyone uses

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