Things To Do When Bored

100 Things To Do When You Are Bored

Some people used to always do something, do nothing and relax, it’s really happy. But sometimes, it’s the exact opposite: there is nothing to do, and we are bored! So much so that it is hard to find what activities to do to feel good. If it happens to you from time to time, rest assured: boredom is not inevitable, on the contrary! You can find a fun activity to take care of, spend time, have fun, relax and enjoy these moments alone to do good. And we’ve just listed 100 cool and fun things to do when you’re bored to help you get busy.

What is certain is that with all these ideas of things to do when you are bored, you should find your happiness fast enough. Do not hesitate to choose one or more activities according to the time you have in front of you, and remember that the most important thing is not to do an activity for a long time, but to multiply the activities that you like.

This is the best way to make the most of your days and be more productive. When we immerse ourselves in an activity that really pleases us and we stop to watch the time without stopping, we naturally reduce our stress, we empty our mind, we relax, we take full advantage of the present moment and everything becomes more agreeable.

Spending time alone can be difficult for some people, and if it’s your case as well, the best thing to do is to immerse yourself in a fun activity.

This way, you will not be able to see the time pass and you will go from boredom to fun in just a few minutes!

What to Do When Bored - Things to Do When You're Bored

Take a quick look at the list below: discover 100 activities to do not get bored and avoid spending the day in front of the TV:

Things To Do When You Are Bored

1. Decorate your room.
2. Prepare a cake for his family or friends.
3. Make a coloring for adults.
4. Buy shoes.
5. Write all your thoughts in a notebook.

6. Organize your library or books on shelves.
7. Move the furniture into the house.
8. Clean the house from floor to ceiling.
9. Listen to an audiobook.
10. Hear from a friend who has not been called for a long time.

11. Seeking the meaning of your dreams – for example, if you dreamed that you were losing your teeth
12. Learn how to prepare good homemade smoothies
13. Get nails done.
14. Learn to make a new hairstyle.
15. Volunteer.

16. Go get a haircut.
17. Make yourself a face mask.
18. Clean her makeup brushes .
19. Take pictures outside and test new settings to improve his photography skills.
20. Sort your closet and insulate 10 clothes to donate.

21. Test the Marie Kondo storage method.
22. Make a flea market.
23. Go swimming at the municipal pool.
24. Take a walk in the forest.
25. Go running near home.

26. Take a bike ride.
27. Organize a picnic.
28. Make a puzzle.
29. Buy something that you have wanted for a long time.
30. Drink a good tea.

31. Listen to a new style of music or new songs.
32. Organize your next vacation.
33. Practice applying positive thinking.
34. Take a pet home.
35. Go to an amusement park.

36. Do babysitting to earn some money.
37. Take correspondence courses.
38. Write a poem.
39. Painting a mug.
40. Organize a party.

41. Draw.
42. Learn to play a new instrument.
43. Playing hide and seek.
44. Take a bath.
45. Write a play.

46. Make a color yourself.
47. Update your resume.
48. Create your Etsy shop to sell your creations.
49. Write to his grandparents.
50. Take a dance class.

51. Get a tattoo.
52. Gather all the money scattered all over the trouser pockets and in the house.
53. Sort photos on your phone and delete all those that are fuzzy or unsuccessful.
54. Go to the festival.
55. Make new friends.

56. To buy new clothes.
57. Sit on a bench in a park.
58. Visit a museum.
59. Mow the lawn.
60. Plant flowers in pots on the balcony or in the garden.

61. Go to a concert.
62. Buy vegetables and fresh fruits at the market.
63. Make a karaoke party with friends.
64. Prepare a breakfast (whatever the time).
65. Knit a sweater.

66. Take a new Facebook profile photo.
67. Eat on the terrace.
68. Bowling.
69. Repaint a room in the house.
70. Order pizza or sushi to go.

71. Learn a new language.
72. Look for shells or beautiful pebbles.
73. Create jewelry.
74. Make his family tree.
75. Search for a new job.

76. Do meditation.
77. Train a team from his favorite sport.
78. Try pottery.
79. Smile at each person you meet.
80. Play board games with friends.

81. Test a new drink in a bar.
82. Make painting.
83. Start a photo album.
84. Have a self massage.
85. Listen to a video of ASMR.

86. Hug a loved one.
87. Light your diffuser of essential oils to relax and calm down.
88. Take a second breakfast – it seems that it makes you lose weight faster.
89. Prepare a cup of Moon Milk to sleep better.
90. Listen to the song of birds to relax.

91. Go to bed early or take a nap.
92. Playing with your cat .
93. Put plants in his room to sleep better.
94. Make the decision not to buy anything for a year.
95. Raise your legs against a wall to promote blood circulation and feel better.

96. Do these 5 simple meditation exercises to relax.
97. Learn to breathe deeply to relax.
98. Change your duvet cover without getting tired with this trick.
99. Seeking the solution of this puzzle that makes people crazy.
100. Follow this infallible trick to keep your scent all day long.

With all that, you will never be bored again, that’s for sure!


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