THE advice that will instantly improve your relationship
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THE advice that will instantly improve your relationship

Sleeping with your other half can damage your relationship. Yes, yes, I assure you.

We all dream of a world where we fall asleep in the arms of our Prince Charming, where we wake up against each other in spoon. Yet the reality is very different …

Because at night, during our sleep, we give each other nudges, we are awakened by the other who snores, who turns constantly, who stings the whole duvet or who gets up to go pee.

All these annoying things break the romantic side, but can also affect our sleep and even prevent us from getting enough sleep.

And when we feel exhausted the next day, we are likely to pay our fatigue and irritability exacerbated to our half.

Not sleeping enough can have quite heavy consequences.

That’s why Ariana Huffington, the former Editor-in-Chief and founder of the Huffington Post, thinks we should consider sleeping together.

As she explains in her book “The Sleep Revolution: Transform Your Life, Night after Night,” she says, couples who sleep separately have a better relationship than those who sleep together each night for the simple and good reason they have a better night’s sleep!

And if you really want to sleep with your lover, but it’s hard to get a quality sleep, how do we do it?

According to Ariana Huffington, couples who give priority to their sleep are happier and more often make love because they make love, then go to sleep in a different room.

Couples need to sleep. They may sleep in a separate room each because one snores, the other moves constantly, takes all the comforter, talks in his sleep or leaves the light on very late to work on his computer.

Whatever the reason, couples get bored when they sleep and wanting to sleep together at all costs to tighten their bonds is just an illusion.

There are so many couples arguing constantly in the room because they wake up exhausted and irritable, just because they lack sleep: it’s a shame!

So, how to make it work? According to Arianna Huffington, you just have to have a second room!

It’s not an exile. We never know when we will use it, and of course, we do not have to use it every night, but when from time to time, one of them needs a good night’s sleep at night. calm, without the need to put earplugs, to have to bear the light of the other until no time or to hear snoring, we know that we have this easy and simple solution under the elbow.

And it works! In Europe and many other cultures, sleeping in separate rooms is very common, and that does not mean anything about the relationship itself  – it even means that the relationship is particularly strong.

Not everyone has the space to have a spare bedroom, but it may be worth it that one tries to sleep on the couch just for one night. After a good night’s sleep, everyone will be better off!


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