Your haircut says a lot about your personality

Your haircut says a lot about your personality

Your haircut says a lot about your personality

Hair is said to say a lot about people’s moods and their character, especially because the first thing we do when we want renewal is a new haircut. Here is a decryption of haircuts that say a lot about the personality of people:

1. Short hair

Towel Dried

Women with short hair (haircuts) have neither the desire nor the time to maintain the hair that it is for the drying or the hairstyle. They appreciate this kind of cuts for convenience and ease of maintenance. Short-haired women tend to be sporty, invest a lot in their relationships and are extroverted. With such a cut, it is impossible to hide his face, but it is not necessarily overconfidence that they choose it. Short-haired women put a lot of emphasis on work and when faced with a complicated situation, they keep a cool head and think about solutions. Nevertheless, sometimes they make hasty decisions without really thinking about the consequences.

2. Bob squared

Your haircut says a lot about your personality

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A square cut can send different messages: if the hair goes backward, it usually gives a serious look. But with a little lacquer and wax, it is possible to make a nice cut, original and fresh which gives a modern and not strict. Thus, it is not possible to draw a portrait of women with this kind of haircut, because on the one hand, they can be very down-to-earth and reliable. On the other hand, they can be spontaneous and very open to new experiences. Moreover, they are honest and are not afraid to say what they think.

Women with bob cuts tend to find the perfect balance between private and professional life. Like women with short hair, they are sometimes in bad situations because they act without thinking.

3. Mid-length hair  

Your haircut says a lot about your personality

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Long or short hair? Women with medium-length hair simply can not decide and prefer to stay between two chairs. This problem of decision-making is also reflected in other aspects of women’s lives: they tend to procrastinate and spend their time dreaming. They sometimes need the intervention of a third person to motivate them to go back to earth and take their responsibilities.

However, women with medium-length hair like the effects they produce on others because of their femininity and elegance. They are often the center of attention of many men and their natural beauty arouses admiration. Nevertheless, it’s not just their appearance that makes them attractive, it’s their personality. Women with this kind of hairstyle are fast friends and know how to maintain relationships. At work, they enjoy new challenges and are not afraid of having responsibilities.

4. Long hair

Your haircut says a lot about your personality


Long-haired women prefer long-term relationships and are loyal to their partners. When it comes to choosing their companion, these women are very selective and set the bar high, but they are fully committed the day she falls on “the good”. If a woman has long hair, but with a gradient, then she is ready to compromise in her choice of men and her relationships. If a woman has long equal hair, then she will tend to believe in a breakdown of the roles of the man and the traditional woman. This means that the man must, among other things, take care of her and make a lot of proofs of love. 

Women with long hair do not skimp on ways to take care of their hair. They can sometimes seem arrogant and venal, but they are not at all. In fact, women are considerate, patient and have big dreams. They know what they want and do everything they can to make their dreams come true. Their perseverance always ends up paying for it.

Have you learned anything new about yourself? Many studies have already established a link between the hair and the personality of people. You know what to expect when you see the cup chosen by people around you.


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