You will not believe the strange eating habits of the British royal family

You will not believe the strange eating habits of the British royal family

The British royal family abides by many well-known traditions, but it is also said that they have some strange habits in regard to their diet.

However, it is not only the extravagant magnificence of their meals and traditions that is fascinating but also the peculiarities of the day to day that each of them enjoys, far from the protocol. The media circus that stalks them 24/7 makes it easy to forget that they are human beings, with foods they hate and small preferences and personal touches that they like to add to their meals. Although of course, there are things like the fact that they are not allowed to drink tap water. It is a strange life.

Harry and William love fast food, especially McDonald’s

A prince’s diet does not just revolve around lobster trays and caviar. While Prince Harry and William are royal princes of birth, they are known to have palates like any mortal. The personal ex-chef of the royal family, Darren McGrady, said in an interview that Princess Diana herself spoiled them from time to time with junk food. “I remember that on one occasion she said ‘Cancel lunch for the children I’m going to take, we go to McDonald’s’ and I said’ Oh, my God, your royal highness, I can do that, I can make hamburgers. ‘And she said:’ No, it’s the toy they want. “Yes, the boys loved McDonald’s, and they went out to eat pizza and ate potato skins, something like American food.” We do not blame them. McDonald’s chips are addictive.

Philip once had the staff exchange dinners with him.

Although it may be a general rule that more sophisticated dinners require smaller portions, Prince Philip certainly abides by a different rulebook. McGrady shares: “Prince Philip went into the kitchen and said, ‘What about dinner tonight?’ And I said, ‘I have these little cuts of lamb for you, your Royal Highness.’ He looked and said, ‘What is that, what are they?’ And I said, ‘Oh, those are chops, Your Highness.’ “I wanted to know who they were for, and I said they were mine.” And he said, “Oh, can not I have that better?” “The real chef says that in that occasion ended up giving him the biggest meat pieces, even if they were not as sophisticated as the lamb.

No Garlic

You will not believe the strange eating habits of the British royal family

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Garlic is basic in any kitchen to flavor food but in the Palace, it is forbidden. It is not because it is a particular risk, but because the queen forbids it completely. According to John Higgins, an ex-chef of the palace, you could never serve anything for lunch or dinner with too many things (or with onions). The theory says that this is to avoid the greatest side effect of garlic: bad breath.

Containers for food everywhere

Believe it or not, in the palace they often resort to containers known as tuppers to store the remaining food. The queen detests wasting so she does not tolerate that food is wasted and she is able to eat leftovers in order to eat everything. So, if there was leftover roast lamb one night, the next day’s meal could be Shepard’s pie. Undoubtedly, it is something very common in the homes of us mortals, but who would say that also of the British crown.

Once the queen has finished eating, no one else can continue eating

If your Majesty invites you to dinner, you should eat at your own pace or faster because as soon as she lowers the knife and fork. This will be a signal for the waiters to enter to remove all the dishes, even if you had not finished, they would be cleaning the table

Curiously, the Queen was always late for dinner, so they lied about the time

If the dinner is at 8.30 in, the organizers used to tell her that dinner was at 8.15, so she would be on time or elegantly late. “Everyone else would arrive at the agreed time and she would never notice it,” said one of the Palace chefs during an interview.


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