Why does my ex send me messages?

Why does my ex send me messages?

Know what is the meaning of the messages your ex-boyfriend sends you, this will help you identify the reasons why he writes to you, it is better to be attentive and do not let him approach you. 

After a breakup, we believe that we will never know about that love that was left behind, but when you are about to overcome everything, it is when those men appear. Have you ever wondered why your ex writes to you? Well, they only write to you for a reason and it is to benefit. 

If a long time has already passed and your ex appears again in your life then it means that he realized his big mistake, but he is not going to tell you, they appear in a subtle way to convince you to let them enter your life again, but the only thing you should remember is that if that person did not want you at the time, then it is not worth giving them a second chance.

Why does my ex send me messages?

To make the situation clearer, we will give you a list of the meanings of your messages, so you will avoid going through disappointments and continue with your life as you have done so far. 

1. Hello: I’ve already returned, I’m here again, I know you miss me!

2. How are you ?: I want to keep you available to me, I have noticed that you are forgetting that I exist. 

3. I dreamed of you: I only look for you because you want to have intimacy with you

4. I remembered you: I miss you more than you imagine I need to see you!

5. My new relationship is not good: As I miss what I had with you, it was easier to hurt you. 

Why does my ex send me messages?

6. Do you remember what we had ?: Cheer up, I know you miss me and you also want to be with me 

7. Do you want to go for a coffee ?: If you go, we will return it and I’ll take care of you!

8. I do not forget you: I still feel something special for you, I have to recover what I had with you. 

9. There is no one like you: Nobody dies of love as much as you, if I go back with you, you will do what I want

10. It was fun to be with you: Definitely this time you will not realize that I will play with you. 

Now that you know some of the meanings it is time for you to analyze if you really want to answer the messages to your ex-partner, the best thing is that you ignore it completely and continue with your life, many good things come before you. 

Why does my ex send me messages?

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