what is santa claus phone number

What Is Santa Claus Phone Number? How can I Call?

What is Santa Claus Phone Number? – Christmas is just around the corner and you may want to call Santa Claus instead of writing a letter to ask for what you want. If that is your wish, here we fulfill your first Christmas wish by sharing with you the telephone number of the offices of Santa Claus or Santa Claus in the North Pole. 

You can call it as long as you are in the United States. When you call, an operator will answer you with the chubby man with a white beard and red clothes. Then, Santa will ask you to leave a message with the list of things you want this Christmas. Below we have the list of Santa Claus Phone Numbers for you to call:

What is Santa Claus Phone Number? – Below we have the list

Austin (512) 904-7499
Phoenix (602) 792-0010
Atlanta (678) 288-7400
Salem (503) 549-8400
Boston (617) 399-6700
Salt Lake (435) 538-7070
Cleveland (216) 588-0900
San Antonio (210) 881-3200
Colorado Springs (719) 622-7100
San Jose (408) 540-1450
Dallas (214) 615-3000
San Diego (619) 996-5900
Denver (720) 306-2070
Santa Monica (310 ) 961-5650
Idaho (208) 621-2599
Seattle (206) 934-1414
Las Vegas (702) 507-9100
Tacoma (253) 883-2540
Los Angeles (213) 807-6565
Tucson (520) 300-8800
Maryland ( 240) 841-2560
Worcester (508) 743-6460
New York (646) 568-4141
West Virginia (304) 816-4434

what is santa claus phone number

There is also an application for you to receive a personalized call from yourself. Please click here to download the application for free.

Another phone number that connects you directly to Santa Claus is (951) 262-3062. You can contact him and even leave a message on your wish list this year. What do you want this Christmas?

What is Santa Claus Phone Number

If you would like to receive a phone call from the North Pole, you have several options when you click here. First, enter your personal phone number. Then, click on “Santa” or “The Elf” to choose who you want to be called. You will hear four messages and you have to choose the one you can read them before choosing.

What is Santa Claus Phone Number

For a free call from the North Pole, click on “Send a Free Call Now”. The call comes almost instantly. You can also click on “Premium Call” on the site. When choosing “Premium Call”, there is an option to schedule a call. In the instructions, you will find how to schedule a call and even record a message as a reminder about the moment.

What is Santa Claus Phone Number


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