What does your lipstick say about your personality?

What does your lipstick say about your personality?

Are you romantic, passionate, daring or adventurous? We tell you!

Have you noticed that your lipstick begins to take a specific form with use? The way you apply it usually creates a form in it. We tell you what kind of person you are depending on the shape of your lipstick.

How does your lipstick look?

What does your lipstick say about your personality?

You are feminine and calm. The person you know, a person who loves you. You like beautiful things and live in harmony. You are very familiar and you love spending time with your friends. You know what you want in life and always consider the opinions of others before making a decision. The roundness of your lipstick means that you are delicate in whatever you do.
Ideal tone: Rose stick

You are very adventurous. Your favorite thing is to travel and meet new and remote places. You love your freedom and detest the conventional. In spite of everything, you are sensitive and loving. You also tend to be passionate about what you love and you like to be surrounded by people with good vibes.
Ideal tone: Intense fuchsia

You characterize yourself as an ambitious woman. When you propose something, you achieve it, be that as it may. You are a perfectionist and meticulous. You always fulfill your goals and never see the past; you are always thinking about what is to come. You are a born leader, passionate and sincere. You are firm in your decisions and believe in your own power.
Ideal tone: Intense red

Admit it, you love being the center of attention. You are very determined and confident. You are not afraid of anything and you are willing to face any challenge. You like to be the one that proposes plans and activities, especially with your friends. You tend to be very creative and you like an adventure. You like to break the rules and like to try new things, even once.
Ideal tone: Dark purple

You are the sweetest of all. You know how to make people feel relaxed and happy around you. You tend to be very honest and you have your feet on the ground. You like to be surrounded by the people you love and hate problems and drama. Your intentions are always good, even if you do not like it. You are gentle and you like to please others. 
Ideal tone: Nude


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