Wedding Dresses for Gorditas Summer 2020

Wedding Dresses for Gorditas Summer 2020

Wedding dresses are very important pieces for our wedding day. It’s not just about wearing white and being the center of attention, it’s also about comfort. And there is nothing more comfortable than a wedding dress designed for you. So take a look at these Wedding Dresses for Gorditas Summer 2020.


It is true, because many dresses are not prepared for large women, many have to settle for much simpler dresses if what they want is to wear white and comfortable. Luckily, over time, dresses have evolved and we already have a large number of wedding dresses for chubby girls.

In this new season, they are more present than ever and we hope you enjoy the wedding dresses for gorditas 2020.

Wedding Dresses for Fat Girls 2020 | How To Choose The Right Dress


Year after year, we see how the collections of wedding dresses are increasing, presenting proposals for the next season. All spectacular designs and for all tastes, but we see very few collections designed for plus-size women. Women like to see girls with real bodies, wearing dresses that we can also wear and that is why we have created this article dedicated to Wedding Dresses for Gorditas 2019.

Wedding Dresses for Gorditas Summer 2020

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According to the Court

But before looking at the different proposals, we want to give you a series of keys so that you can choose the dress that feels better according to the shape of your body, we must not forget that the success is in the Balance, balancing shoulders and hips is the goal of any plus size dress.

The most flattering cuts For women who wear a few extra pounds, they are the wedding dresses of Empire court or A-line wedding dresses, Characterized by its shape where the skirt widens creating that A or trumpet shape.


If you’re wide hips, the wedding dresses princess cut They are also perfect for you, in addition to voluminous skirts, since they fit the bust and hide the legs.


If what we want is cover arms, the best option is wedding dresses of long sleeve or French sleeve, that are also very romantic and elegant. But it may happen that our wedding is in summer and a long sleeve may not be a good option, for these cases we can resort to the veil, a medium veil will hide them perfectly.


They will not favor you both cuts that highlight your curves too much, and mermaid wedding dresses or those with a straight cut, since it will emphasize them much more, although as we have seen before, your body is proportionate, this type of dresses could be a good option, it looks curves but without going overboard.

Look at party dresses sizes xl:

According to Neckline

We cannot ignore the choice of neckline type what better we feel. In this aspect we are usually a bit lost, using the discard technique. That is why we are going to dedicate a few lines to the types of cleavage and what type of woman suits her best.

V neckline: It is one of the most sensual and feminine bets. A neckline recommended for women women with little chestas it enhances it and accentuates the curves. Another effect produced by dresses with a V-neckline is that they stylize the neck, lengthening the upper torso. If, on the other hand, you have a lot of chest, this type of neckline puts you at risk of going from elegance to excess.


Boat neckline: It is a neckline with straight lines from one shoulder to the other. It is a very flattering neckline, especially for women whose clavicles are marked a lot, since thanks to this neckline the result is more stylizing shoulders and neck.


Indicated for women who have little breasts since by optically widening the shoulders, creates an hourglass effect. Of course, if you have a lot of chest, or a wide back, we do not recommend it since you will get the opposite effect.

Strapless neckline: This neckline creates an effect totally opposite to the previous one, it is a sleeveless, straight neckline that borders the entire contour of the body. This neckline is characterized by reducing the volume, so for a woman with little chest this type of neckline will visually reduce the volume more, leaving the dress dull and boring. Neckline indicated for those women with an intermediate chest.


Neck to box: It is characterized by being a closed neck, very flattering for any type of neckline, ideal for 2019 dresses, since being more closed allows us more variety of sleeves and necklines in the back.

Back neckline: The neckline at the back is very sensual and flattering. Most of the dresses that have a neckline in the back, lack it in the front part, they are usually dressed with a boat neckline or straps.


Sweetheart neckline: It is the neckline of the ’80s that was forgotten for a season. Ideal for women with a lot of chest as it is capable of enhance and shape it, leaving a plump and well-formed breast.


Asymmetric neckline: This neckline is a very original neckline since creates a harmony between the three most important points of the female body, shoulders, waist and hips. Dresses in which one shoulder is dressed, either with straps or with sleeves, while the other shoulder remains bare, uncovered. An ideal dress if you have too many curves, as it will divert attention to the whole dress. Asymmetrical cuts are perfect for all women but especially for women. women with many curves.


Halter neckline: It is a very characteristic neckline, since it looks tied around the neck, giving that feeling of lightness. It is a perfect neckline for women with little breasts, since it pronounces that part of the neckline much more, highlighting the shoulders and stylizing the neck. A beautiful, very feminine and elegant neckline.


Square Neckline: The cleavage par excellence, as it is the cleavage ideal for any woman No matter what chest you have, a cleavage that never becomes excessive since it really doesn’t usually show more than we want. This type of cleavage stylize the neck, being an ideal neckline for religious ceremonies, which require more modesty.


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Wedding dress designs for gorditas 2020

With the new season, many women are delighted with the style that can be overflowed in a wedding dress. And since it is not the same to tell it than to show it, we will show you the different wedding dresses for gorditas 2020. Get ready for this season of wedding dresses, because it is going to be spectacular.

Mermaid cut

Mermaid cut dresses seemed banned for plus size wedding dresses, tunic or Greek cut dresses were the only thing that the catalogs offered for plus sizes. Thanks to the vision of the new designers, this trend has been changing a lot, now thanks to new fabrics and designs, we get that mermaid cut dresses feel great.


A beautiful dress from the designer Mori Lee, Julietta collection. The elegance of this dress is evident in the wonderful embossed embroidered bodice With suggestive sweetheart neckline, fitted knee-length dress from where the beautiful cape cut skirt with embroidered details starts. We cannot deny that this dress is for a woman with hips and curvesotherwise it wouldn’t look the same.


From the same Julietta collection, this wonderful design by mermaid cut with tulle skirt and a draped body running diagonally towards the hips. A design line that feels great to women with shapes.


Elegance is evident in the embroidery and lace, what do each of the wedding dresses for gorditas 2020, All a work of art.


Flared cut

The flared dresses, It also favors large sizes, since they fit the hips flowing towards the feet with a nice flared shape, managing to hide plump thighs and a slightly large booty.


A beautiful dress made with elegant brocades, very feminine and flattering V-neckline prices and wide straps.


The flared dress, is characterized by being narrow, marking the body to the waist but leaving the hips more free. This is for brides who want to hide from the hips down. A precious dress for gorditas 2020.


A romantic dress, with a precious lace wedge bodice, lace that runs throughout the dress, drawing attention to the areas that we want to highlight. The straight neckline and the straps offer a very romantic and provencal look.


This dress illusion neckline and sleeves, made of lace and silk, gathered overskirt aside from Provencal inspiration and very romantic, a safe bet for such a special day.

Close to the Body


For the sexiest brides where they want to show their figure, tightening the wedding dress and achieving a very flattering effect. The details of the chest make the figure more defined.

Vintage Style


If what you like is the old style, it may be that the most suitable for you, are the vintage type dresses. You can get one with a different, older color. Simple and with embroidery that give it a very flirty effect.

Sweetheart neckline


If you are a hopeless romantic, this sweetheart neckline dress may catch your eye. The white color is a pass of how much it can shine and fits very well in the belly area, from under the chest to the waist area, making the skirt fall very lightly.

Lace Sleeves


For a bride who does not want to wear different layers. You only need one that is strong and very striking, like this one with embroidered lace sleeves and bodice. It is distributed throughout the dress, creating a single effect, enough for the bride to attract attention. With the V-shaped neckline, it achieves a much more feminine touch.

Knotted at the Waist


If you want to fully exploit your femininity, narrowing the waist and making your chest and hips stand out, with a dress like this, gathered at the hips, you will achieve it, because you can even flatten the belly area, with this cut.

Long Sleeve Embroidery


A simple dress that draws attention not because of the type of neckline, but because of the layer of lace that covers the entire dress to the point where it extends and goes further. These sleeves blend into the skin, making drawings on the arms and making it look great on you.

Short dress


Because short dresses are worn by all women, whether they are going to a party, to a communion or are the very bride. It is comfortable and most striking, since it is far from what is the traditional dress.

With Cola


You will get everyone’s attention not only because you are the bride, but because your dress will have a striking pleated skirt, which when opened, does so symmetrically and also covers a layer of very fine tulle, which makes it lighten dress. The pleated style reaches down to the body, making the back behave like a French bodice, like with whales.

Princess cut


The romantics can not put aside this type of dress. With a classic princess cut, we can see a wedding dress that has a satin skirt, which will give shine to the whole, and a bodice with a V-neckline, but with sleeves full of lace. A dress for a true princess. It has some fun side pockets, so they see that you are a modern princess.

With Layers of Tulle


We love this dress, because it is full of overlapping layers that are really asymmetrical, but when they fall and when placed strategically, they fall in a wave or cascade shape, creating a very romantic effect.

Empire or Greek Court


Empire court dresses or Greek type, are still very present, with pleated fabrics, gauze, tulle, fabrics that are not excessively rigid such as a mikado, totally prohibited, nor too tight.


Empire court dresses they do not need more ornaments than the elegance of their forms. A highlight detail in the cut will suffice.


In this case we have a beautiful and feminine empire dress with a halter neckline, so flattering for women with a lot of bust. If we also do not like to show our arms, this model with a small layer of gauze may be the solution. A wedding dress for gorditas 2020.


The fabrics are very important, satin and chiffon, as in this dress, they are fabrics capable of assembling but without giving volume, thanks to which we can afford the luxury of wearing ruffles.


Princess cut dress

Princess-cut wedding dresses It is a classic, they are more armed dresses that give panic to girls of special sizes, it is a mistake, we also have designs that can fit perfectly with our body and style. Dresses that are enhanced if we also add color. Try to avoid white, much better ivory or have milk.


Two dresses in pale pink, the top dress with “Can can”, draped on the body, beautiful sash adorned with beautiful contrasting flowers, dress made of tulle off the shoulder. The dress below, with bell skirt and chiffon ruffles flowing diagonally by the skirt and draped bodice with sweetheart neckline.

Who would have guessed that these descriptions pertain to plus size wedding dresses. The example of how impressive the dress is, you have it by looking at the photos.


Las vestidos de novia para chicas gorditas 2020, vienen pensando en una mujer romántica y sensual, y nada más romántico que un vestido de princesa. Siempre con tejidos suaves y con caída, si se tratan de volantes superpuestos. Faldas que resaltan más si el cuerpo está confeccionado en tejidos drapeados con escote corazón.


Pequeños adornos en la cintura, para no recargar este precioso vestido, ya suficientemente llamativo gracias a su falda tan sensual, cómoda y romántica.


Este es un error muy común, a tener en cuenta, cuando el vestido tiene volumen suficiente, intenta huir de llamativos adornos o joyería con demasiados brillos, siempre pequeños detalles elegantes y discretos.
Sentirnos como Blancanieves, que chica no ha tenido ese sueño, cuántas de nosotras hemos soñado con ese vestido de tanto volumen. Pues este vestido, cumple con todos los requisitos, ahora bien, pensado para mujeres voluminosas, con cuidados detalles que podrán ocultar lo que no queremos que nadie vea.
No, no estamos hablando de historias de caballerías, pero no podemos dudar en que este vestido es un vestido de línea princesa, un vestido que nos recuerda a Lady Mariam, en Escalibur. Un original vestido que sienta bien a todas las siluetas, tanto si nuestro problema está en la parte superior o inferior de nuestro cuerpo, o incluso en ambas.

Vestidos Cortos

En cuanto a los Vestidos de Novia para Gorditas 2020, no pueden faltar los vestidos cortos de novia. Estos vestidos últimamente están siendo tendencia en cuanto a bodas civiles se refieren, para una boda menos etiquetada o clásica, un vestido de novia corto es la versatilidad hecha moda. Un vestido que podremos utilizar para distintas ocasiones.

Vestidos muy cómodos y femeninos, que nos permite lucir las piernas, si además tiene un diseño moderno y actual como es un corte asimétrico, conseguiremos estilizar nuestra silueta.


Un acierto que en cuanto a vestidos de novia para gorditas 2020, es este vestido con una bonita falda en tul, escote ilusión con corte corazón.


Los vestidos ajustados en encaje tan sensuales y femeninos. Si además queremos esconder nuestros brazos, este modelo confeccionado completamente en encaje, con escote cruzado y bonita puntilla haciendo ondas, es una opción muy elegante y femenina para nuestra boda.


Que podemos decir de este original escote de tablas y corte palabra de honor tan bonito y femenino, corte alto adornado con un bonito cinturón con hebilla brillante y falda con bolsillos escondidos en las caderas. Un vestido además de bonito, práctico.


Vestido tipo Peplum

El corte tipo “Peplum“,  es el vestido que lleva sobrefalda. Es un corte muy favorecedor para todos los tipos de cuerpos, incluidos las tallas grandes, pero hay que elegirlo con mucho cuidado. Para las tallas grandes, el pelum tiene que ser muy sutil y delicado, nada marcado ni con mucho volumen.


Los vestidos cortos tipo Peplum, también son un acierto para las chicas de tallas grandes, pero nunca en telas rígidas, tenemos que evitar los volúmenes extra, sobre todo en caderas y tripa.


Fotos de vestidos de novias para gorditas 2020

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