This young couple sells everything to live on the road
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This young couple sells everything to live on the road

Alex and Valérie, who are  READY for the road, sold everything they had to live on the road full time aboard their magnificent Airstream trailer!

It is in 2016 that the trigger occurs for the young couple in their twenties. Following the untimely death of Alex’s father, who is only 53 years old, they decided to live every moment thoroughly. Tired of routine and working to pay accounts without having the time to travel and enjoy life, they decided to sell everything.

“The house, the furniture, the motorcycles, everything that could not come with us, we got rid of it. It’s really funny the effect of freeing ourselves from our objects, we really feel we are more free with less … ”

After a long road trip around Canada, the United States and Baja California (Mexico), in 2018 they embarked on a long drive to one of the destinations they dreamed of, Alaska! 12 days drive to reach the northernmost state of the United States.

“It’s really the perfect destination for RV enthusiasts, you can camp almost anywhere for free with beautiful views in nature, it’s a bit like living with animals.”

After 3 years on the road, do they want to land? ” Not at all, for us, the routine life to collect useless items is over. The only reason we might ever return to a sedentary lifestyle is if we have kids and we feel it’s better to come home for them. Otherwise, we enjoy life as never before. We have never taken the time to admire the sunsets, the trees, and the wild animals. In our trailer, even a rainy day is pleasant with the sound of the water falling on our metal roof. “

How do they manage to afford a rhythm of life like this? Alex is a mortgage broker and works on the road for his clients in Quebec, while Valerie is responsible for video editing the adventures they publish on READY for the road. Each week they share informative and entertaining videos that show the basics of life on the road. After 3 years, they have already accumulated more than 2 million views on all their videos published on social media.

“We love to share our life with our subscribers, we feel much less alone. It’s like having thousands of people traveling with us. Every morning, our pleasure is to go read the comments that people put on our videos.

Basically, we do it for us, to create beautiful memories, but we also try to help by sharing our good and bad things so that people who dream of a lifestyle like ours see both sides of the coin. ”

You want to travel with them, subscribe to their Facebook pagetheir YouTube channel and follow them on Instagram!

Photo Credit: Instagram


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