They find a 22-year-old girl dead in a hotel for "a sexual game that went wrong"

They find a 22-year-old girl dead in a hotel for “a sexual game that went wrong”

Anna Florence Reed, a 22-year-old British woman, was found dead in the bathroom of the Hotel La Palma au Lac in Muralto, Switzerland.

The police, who are investigating the case, have arrested their 29-year-old sentimental partner for the crime of reckless homicide. The fiancé, of German nationality, informed to the agents that the death was the result of “a sexual game that left badly”, according to reports the British chain BBC.

The autopsy has shown that Reed died of suffocation and that he had several cuts on his body, including his neck.

The couple registered at the four-star hotel with the intention of staying several days. They had paid an amount of money for booking room 501 on the top floor.

According to several reports, Reed and his boyfriend argued aloud in the room and the hotel guard was forced to intervene at 3 in the morning. At around 6.30 am, the woman’s couple said “agitated” to the receptionist that his girlfriend “had a health problem .”

The worker called an ambulance and the toilets went directly to the room where she was. They tried to revive her, but she was already dead.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom reported that it was offering assistance to the family of the deceased.


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