The secret to losing weight faster easily

The secret to losing weight faster easily

Eating proteins (and especially after playing sports) is the key to support muscle development and regeneration.

But a high protein diet could even be the simple secret of fast and lasting weight loss.

Indeed, a study has shown that doubling its daily protein intake can help lose weight without decreasing muscle mass.

A study was conducted with 39 patients on the diet for 31 days.

All participants had to follow the same diet in order to maintain their weight.

After 10 days, the 39 participants were separated into three groups who had to follow different low-calorie diets:

  • the first group of participants ate the recommended daily protein intake
  • the second group of participants ate twice that recommended daily allowance
  • the third group of participants ate three times that recommended daily intake

The researchers asked participants to do enough sports to lose about 900 grams per week.

The researchers found that participants who ate twice the daily recommended protein intake were able to lose fat without losing muscle and playing sports while dieting.

Participants who had eaten triple the recommended daily protein intake had not lost more weight than participants in the second group.

So, if you want to lose weight, losing muscle is precisely what you should not do because the muscles allow you to burn more calories every day, even at rest.

Although it did not involve many participants, this study shows that if you are active and exercising regularly, increasing your daily protein intake while reducing your overall caloric intake is a very effective way to lose weight quickly.

Of course, to achieve sustainable results, it is not enough to increase the proportion of protein that you put on your plate.

You also need to eat a balanced diet and be sure to stock up on all the nutrients your body needs.

The recommended daily protein intake depends on your weight but also on your physical activity.


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