The 7 most beautiful proofs of love

The 7 most beautiful proofs of love

You want to surprise your friend? Or his / her birthday is coming up and you still have no plan what you should give him / her? Then check out the best gift ideas for your crush! 

A very creative guy deserves the title “Best Friend of All Time” . He filled a glass with 365 slips – one for each day. On it are sweet love messages or memories.

The 7 most beautiful proofs of love
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Check here more beautiful love proofs …

1. Hide-and-seek game

On several slips you write why you love your friend so much. Then you hide them in his / her jacket, bag and so on. If he / she finds the news, he / she will surely be overjoyed.

2. Be attentive

Your partner raves about a little something like cute earrings or the new BRAVO? Surprise her / him with it – a great gesture by the way.

3. Chocolate greetings

Buy your loved one’s favorite chocolate. Then carefully remove the packaging, attach a small message and carefully close everything again. He / she certainly will not expect that.

4. Relationship in pictures

The movie tickets from the first date, love letters, shared pictures – have you saved all this? Then glue everything together in a little booklet and write down the great memories .

5. You can …

Vouchers are always great – but forget the typical standard parts like a massage. Think carefully about what your sweetheart loves . He likes to play video games, you hate it? Then promise him, for example, to go with him once. Or she is totally into dance films, but you can not do that? There is a dance movie evening coupon but perfect.

6. Personal surprise

Also a sweet idea: Open a surprise egg very carefully and fill it with a very personal gift.

7. “I think of you!”

Still the most beautiful: a few nice and above all sincere words . Whether it’s a “I think of you” on WhatsApp, a “I miss you” call, or a very startling “I love you,” it’s the best way to show your crush how important he / she is to you.


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