Testimony: "My burn out made me stronger"

Testimony: “My burn out made me stronger”

After years of working under pressure and challenging herself to do more, Nathalie has experienced the hell of burnout. But this experience allowed him to take a step back on life, on his job, and finally, gave him the opportunity to find his way.

One day, my body and my mind let go

I worked for 20 years in major pharmaceutical and cosmetic groups. I had a lot of responsibilities, I was still under pressurebut I liked that. And then, I started to wonder about the meaning of my life. I had two young children that I did not see much and I found less interest in my work. In spite of all my efforts, I had more and more trouble concentrating. I felt tired, but I was napping at the weekend, it did not help me recover. At night, I woke up at 2 am and thought about my job. I spent more and more time there, while not feeling effective. I was in denial of what was happening to me. I told myself “you have two children, a great career, you do not have the right to be tired …”. No way for me to slow down! And then one day, I was too exhausted and I stopped for 9 months – 9 months, is it a sign? – which allowed me to be reborn to life.

Little by little, I learned to breathe

At first I took sleeping pills, but I spent my days sleeping. It’s like my body and brain are not working anymore. I felt nil, but my friends were there to reassure me. Their caring gaze helped me. Then I looked for non-drug solutions and sophrology. It taught me to breathe, to visualize the highlights of my life and I regained self-confidence. I understood that it was my good student, perfectionist, who had led me in this state, and that my qualities were still present, but dormant. I slowly started to play sports. And then, I started accepting dinner invitations again, whereas before, I only thought about my job. It is important not to refuse hands outstretched. Thus, with two friends, Marie, a professional dietary supplement and Christophe, a doctor, we created a company to help people under stress and burnout. His name, NMC Lab, is formed from the initial of our three first names. The loop was complete!

I now know how to preserve myself

Finally, I feel like I’m doing something that makes sense. I also learned to preserve myself. I take more time for myself: before leaving in the morning, I spend ten minutes doing sophrology exercises and a little less time to blow dry. During the day, I try to take a break between two tasks and in the evening, before falling asleep, I remember the day, I look for the positives and I thank the life. It helps me manage my nocturnal cogitations.

I try to prioritize the people and activities I love. I also take time for my daughters. And when I’m tired, I allow myself to say it. Before, I struggled against fatigue and I screamed for them to pack their things. Today, they do it on their own and are full of attention for me. The other day, they even prepared the meal … “

The look of Catherine Vasey, psychologist. *

“We can cure burn-out and keep no harm”

They have learned to put more limits and are clearer about the life they want. “


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