Tattoo: what to know before you start!

Tattoo: what to know before you start!

Whether you want it for pure coquetry or to mark a highlight of your life, tattooing is never an insignificant step. Where to get a tattoo? What are the precautions to take, especially in case of pregnancy? Our file to take stock.

Tattoo: the choice of the motif, an act far from being innocuous!

Butterfly tattoo, star tattoo, tribal tattoo … like any body transformation, the tattoo knows its modes. If one can be tempted to give in to the temptation of the trend, it is better to think twice before finalizing the motive of his tattoo. Because it is an indelible drawing (or almost) that will mark your body for many years. Better to avoid too common or too flashy features, at the risk of getting tired!

Tattoo: a pattern that can evolve … with the body of a mom!

The choice to get a tattoo is even more delicate when you are about to have a baby. Indeed, with pregnancy, the body evolves and with him … the famous tattoo! Indeed, a pattern made on the stomach can be deformed by stretch marks or just a can that grows. Note however for a more positive note: contrary to popular belief, having a tattoo does not prevent to have an epidural !

Tattoo: caution is needed!

Before starting, the choice of a tattoo artist is also important! Indeed, the national union of dermatologists (Sndv) recently recalled that inks injected during tattooing can be toxic (containing in particular aluminum and heavy metals). Result: they favor certain skin diseases like eczema or even some cancers. So be sure to find out before you start.


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