Take advantage of the alum stone with these incredible uses

Take advantage of the alum stone with these incredible uses

Its properties make this natural element a kind product for the skin

In chemical terms, it is known as triple-type sulfate compound and in everyday life, it is popularly called alum stone. This effective element in multiple presentations has truly surprising uses. The stone is characterized by its translucent white color and also by the many uses it has for the benefit of the body, especially in the aesthetic part.

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Feeling like I've got the power with that crystal in my hand ? It's an alum block and used as a 100% natural (made by volcanic action), unfragranced and antimicrobial (= anti-odour) deodorant. It apparently doesn't stain clothing and is safe, as it doesn't go in the skin. After a few failed DIY deodorant experiments I decided to try it out – fingers crossed it'll do its job better than the other options. Do you use alum, too? Would you try it? • • • • • #naturaldeodorant #alumcrystal #alumblock #alumstone #greenbeauty #naturalingredients #greenhome #goingzerowaste #zerowasteliving #zerowastelifestyle #plasticfree #diyfailure #lesswaste #wasteless #healthymind #consciousconsumer #changemakers #doyourbit #switchandditch #naturalskincare #deodorant #noplanetb #toxicfree #volcanoes #lowimpact #lowimpactmovement #greenskincare #beautyroutine #plasticfreeforthesea #powerofnature

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There are even many health professionals and natural medicine specialists who recommend its use to improve people’s lives. This stone has antiperspirant properties, which is why it is used in the production of deodorants since potassium alum contracts the pores of the skin.

On the other hand, also presents elements to solve different skin conditions. Likewise, it is used to improve the state of stretch marks and decrease the presence of pimples. To learn more we share these aesthetic remedies based on alum stone.

Natural deodorant: A bar of alum stone, 1 teaspoon of myrrh powder and a ½ glass of water is just what you need. Then dip the bar of the stone in water and adhere the myrrh powder. Apply on the body. With this natural product, you will notice how the pores of the skin contract.

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Ever heard of the alum stone? It protects against odours while letting the skin breathe naturally. Want to learn +? Check out the Advice section of our website. The link is in our bio ? • Vous connaissez la pierre l'alun? Elle assure une protection contre les odeurs tout en laissant la peau transpirer naturellement. Envie d'en savoir +? On vous en parle dans la section Conseils de notre site web. Le lien est dans notre bio ? . . . #homeocan #homeocanremedies #alumstone #pierredalun #naturalsolutions #smellgood #beautyroutine #skincare #naturel #feelgood #deodorant #naturaldeodorant #selfcare #naturalskincare #bodycare #freshouttheshower

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Face mask: 2 tablespoons of powdered alum and 3 egg whites. After having these elements, in a bowl mix the alum with the whites. When you have acquired a foamy texture, let it rest. Put the mask on your face and let it act. You will notice the changes in a short time: soft, smooth and healthy skin.

Remedy for stretch marks: A bar of soap, 1 tablespoon of crystals and ½ cup of moisturizer is what you need. Rub the soap into the area affected by the stretch marks. Then adhere the alum stone crystals and let it act for a few minutes. Then proceed to remove with soap. After the bath, apply moisturizer. If you do a recurring habit, stretch marks will improve your appearance.


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