Study: Women With Large Breast Are Smarter And Have Higher IQs

Study: Women With Large Breast Are Smarter And Have Higher IQs

Since ancient civilizations, women’s breasts have been the subject of conversation, even the belief that girls with prominent breasts were healthier, stronger and more educated, compared to those with small breasts.

Incredibly, scientists of the modern era have shown that ancient civilizations were not so wrong, as recent studies confirm that females with large breasts are smarter than the rest.

Girl looking at herself in front of the mirror as her outfit looks when she has big breasts

Research conducted by staff at the University of Chicago reveals that women with large breasts have an IQ of 10 points above those girls who have a small bust.

The scientists carried out a sociological study in which 1,200 women participated, who were classified according to the size of their bust in five groups: extra-large, large, medium, small and extra-small.

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Each group was given a series of tests to objectively measure the intelligence levels, finding that the participants of the extra-large and large groups obtained 10 points more than those belonging to the small and extra-small groups.

Even, the women of the medium group surpassed in IQ the girls of the lower groups, and by more than 10 points of difference. The reason that this situation is estrogen, which could be related to the development of women’s IQ. ( Estrogen: female hormones responsible for the process of breast growth).

Group of women sitting on the bench in a park while chatting about the subject of breasts more intelligent women

But that is not all. Studies published in Medical Daily state that the shape, size, and texture of breasts reveal personality traits:

  • Wasteful: women who have breasts greater than an American B cup tend to be more wasteful with money. This could be because they require more expensive clothing because of the size of their body.
  • Low self-esteem: the shape of the breasts also denotes self-esteem problems: if they are very small or asymmetrical, they would cause a low perception of beauty in those who possess them.
  • Coffee lovers: girls who like to drink coffee steadily tend to have small breasts because caffeine shrinks in size.


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