Signs that you found your soul mate at the wrong time

Signs that you found your soul mate at the wrong time

You found the right person, but the time is not the best!

Many are the issues and aspects involved in love; destiny, chance, luck, synchronicity, chemistry, in short, a long list is mixed with the powerful moment of knowing the love of your life or “the right person”. But, what if you’re standing in front of your soul mate, and times are not convenient for anybody? That is the problem of many of the most magical infatuations.

The psychologist Carl Jung was the one who spoke about synchronicity and defined it in the following way: “the simultaneity of two events linked by sense but not by chance”; It is here that two souls connect to form one. Do you think you are going through this situation? We leave you 4 signs that you are with the right person at the wrong time:

They have a couple

You met that person unexpectedly, without looking, or planning, but finally you are in front of your better half. The negative part? one of the two, or both, have a partner! It would seem almost a game of destiny or karma because if they were single, you have the certainty that it would be a relationship out of reality.

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In a relationship, it is more feasible for a man to be a few years older than a woman; However, as they say, for love there is no age, but it can be a great obstacle in a courtship! Age is a factor in the ambitions, future plans, and I lived in the past, so this could be presented as an obstacle in the relationship.

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The past and personal problems play a fundamental role in this point; a person can be completely in love and open to love, but certain situations continue to keep her in mourning and starring in the deepest scars of her being; a broken heart, loss of a loved one or even a job failure.

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The biggest problem of many couples, being thousands of kilometers away! The country or city of origin, jobs, exchanges and summer trips, are the protagonists of these intense disappointments. You are completely sure of facing the ideal boy, but maybe it is not the right time.

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Has it happened to you?


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