Should we wear a bra or not: misconceptions

Should we wear a bra or not: misconceptions

Would the idea that the bra increases the risk of breast cancer be real or well to be put away? Does wearing a bra prevents sagging breasts? True or false ideas received …

Is the wearing of a bra related to an increased risk of breast cancer?

There have been some disturbing reports for women that the increase in breast cancer may be related to the wearing of the bra.

Indeed, it has often been said that the bra compressed the various lymph nodes and lymphatic channels, and that, as a result, the toxins were no longer naturally eliminated by the lymphatic drainage and accumulated in the breast, making it appear over time, cysts, fibro-cysts and cancerous tumors .

To test whether there was a real link between breast cancer and wearing a bra, an American study, published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, was conducted by the research team at the Seattle Cancer Research Center. (United States) on a large number of women, 2/3 of whom suffered from the 2 most common breast cancers.

Scientists conducted in-depth interviews of 1,513 postmenopausal women aged 55 to 74 divided into 3 groups: 454 women had ductal carcinoma (breast cancer affecting the cells lining the milk channels), 590 women were Lobular carcinoma (cancer affecting the lobule, the secretory milk gland), while the remaining 469 women did not have any type of breast cancer.

The researchers collected detailed information from the participants about their habits regarding the wearing of the bra and their risk factors for breast cancer (heredity, tobacco, etc.).

In the end, the findings of this study show that there is no link between the wearing of bra and the increased risk of breast cancer (and this regardless of the daily duration of the wearing of the bra, the model, the presence or absence of frames, or the age at which one begins to wear them).

Conclusions that will undoubtedly reassure the most anxious …

Can the bra prevent the fall of the breasts?

Since 1978, several medical studies in France, the United States, Japan and Great Britain have put forward that, contrary to popular belief, the bra can increase the fall of the breasts .

Indeed, the bra makes the chest muscular lazy and promotes its collapse: Cooper ligaments and skinning muscles that are the natural support of the chest not working anymore, they atrophy and the chest, losing its firmness, collapses even faster over time.

On the other hand, a chest that must provide its own port strengthens. The ligaments and muscles of the skin that are its natural supports hold it firmly and help it to not sag too quickly with age.

To verify these facts, Jean-Denis Rouillon, sports doctor at the University Hospital of Besançon and professor at the University of Franche-Comté, studies the question of the usefulness of the bra for women since 1997.

He measured the breasts of more than 320 women to study the reactions of the chest in front of the wearing or not wearing a bra. The results were pretty amazing!

In women not wearing a bra:

  • the nipple of the breasts was raised 7 millimeters in one year compared to the shoulder
  • the breasts had firmed
  • and the stretch marks had faded

So, finally, the conclusion of all this is that everyone is free to wear or not a bra!


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