Science reveals 5 behaviors that only happen if you're truly in love

Science reveals 5 behaviors that only happen if you’re truly in love

Most people think that love is something that is only felt in the heart.

Being madly in love is a state that every woman or man ever goes through in their life. It is the most full and pleasant feeling in the life of every human being.

Most people think that being in love is something that is only felt in the heart, but everything has its beginning in the biological system of our body, mostly related to hormones. Science helps you to know what are those character traits that you experience when you are truly in love madly:

1.- You think of that person at all times

Who you love cannot get it out of your head, it’s in your thoughts at every moment. You look for a thousand ways to call, write, or speak directly to him. This happens because the levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is responsible for calmness, decrease. That is a clear symptom of being in love.

2.- You feel euphoria and motivation

Dopamine can take us an extreme state of mind, such as euphoria and exaltation. The high levels prevent you from finding peace and calm. Being in love you can even suffer from insomnia.

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3.- The heart accelerates to the maximum

When the heart is exalted, it accelerates and more oxygen reaches your brain. This reaction is a product of the neurotransmitter epinephrine and norepinephrine that motivate the approach or flight response of that person you love.

4.- The pupils dilate more

By kissing the beloved the pupils dilate more than usual. This is a reflex action to concentrate on the moment of passion. For others, it is a moment full of tenderness and affection.

5.- Oxytocin is triggered

When kissing, the hormone oxytocin gets out of control, causing love to get out of control. This hormone is responsible for us to love, be faithful, compassionate and kind.


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