Premenstrual syndrome could be something more serious than you think

Premenstrual syndrome could be something more serious than you think

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) affects a large part of women in the world of childbearing age and it can be a condition that terribly affects daily life to the point of being considered incapacitating, but there is another disorder with worse effects.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), like SPM, has swelling, breast tenderness, fatigue and changes in sleep and eating habits, but it also has other, more powerful and dangerous symptoms.

Sadness or despair, anxiety or tension, extreme bad mood, irritability or anger, are some of the strong effects of this disorder.

Premenstrual syndrome can become a disorder

“PMDD depends on the fact that, on top of the symptoms of PMS, it interferes with daily function or tasks, and with relationships with other people,” said Dr. George Henning, a family medicine physician at Penn State Health. , in Palmyra, Pennsylvania.

This disorder can be the result of a much worse condition such as depression.

For a diagnosis of PMDD, a patient must have at least four symptoms of PMS plus a fifth symptom related to mood or behavior, and the symptoms should begin about a week before menstruation and end soon after, she explained. Henning.


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