Oriental sweetness, the Kamasutra posture that will help you locate the G-Spot

Oriental sweetness, the Kamasutra posture that will help you locate the G-Spot

This position is recommended for couples who have strong confidence.

Achieving orgasm is every woman’s dream when she has sex. Not all can achieve it, but if there are certain sexual positions that can help you fulfill your dream. The answer is the thousand-year-old Kamasutra book, do you know what the ideal position is? Here we show it to you.

The best position is known as the “oriental sweetness”. This position is recommended to couples who have strong confidence, love and seek alternatives to experience maximum pleasure.

In the posture of oriental sweetness, the woman is lying down, with her legs slightly open and knees bent. The man slides between her thighs, gently lifting her up the pelvis to penetrate her deeply.

At the same time, he raises the woman’s belly to her mouth, to kiss her sweetly. She remains passive. This position is, in general, very appreciated by women because men can more easily locate the G-spot, which is key to reaching the female orgasm.

In this sexual position, the clitoris is stimulated very strongly. The best thing to awaken the G-spot and make it explode.

In the same way, the woman can raise her hip up to her partner’s mouth and give him oral sex. Here who does all the work is a man.

With these gentle movements you will see how your face changes completely, the temperature rises until you reach orgasm.


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