On Instagram, five inspiring women who promote women's surf

On Instagram, five inspiring women who promote women’s surf

From the professional longboarder, Kelia Moniz, to the shaper, Christine Brailsford Caro, to the photographer, Alana Spencer.

On Instagram, five inspiring women who promote women's surf

Kelia Moniz, crowned world longboard champion in 2012, only 19 years old. (© Roxy)

Still widely perceived as a sports space dominated by men, surfing is nevertheless worn, more and more strongly, by a new generation of women as talented as passionate.

Professional or novice surfer, photographers or journalists, shapers or designers, these biting glides, from all over the globe, have together allowed a strong surge in women’s surfing, thanks to the power of social networks, where accounts encouraging girls in the world of surfing multiply. The proof by five.

Kelia Moniz

Member of the Roxy team, Kelia Moniz , 24 years old, is one of the most popular surfer of her generation. And for good reason: this native of Honolulu, where she learned from an early age to surf alongside her three brothers and her father (a former professional surfer), has been crowned world champion in longboard twice, in 2012 and 2013.

A flagship figure in her discipline, the so-called sister, through this practice, intends to have a “positive influence on women’s surfing” . “I want to help make women’s surfing something bigger” , she said one day. One more reason, if any, to follow his adventures on his Instagram account, where family sessions mingle on the small waves of Waikiki and moments of competition on spots around the world.


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Alana Spencer

Based in Oahu’s North Shore in Hawaii, where she is from, photographer Alana Spencer has been working for a few years under the pseudonym @coconutcomradery . His Instagram account, scrutinized by nearly 30,000 fans, exposes everyday clichés in soft colors and poetic atmosphere, sometimes taken on the hot sand, sometimes in the hollow of the swell.

Among her models, there are many professional surfers, including his friend Monyca Eleogram, also native of Hawaii, but also the Australian Laura Enever, or the Brazilian Bruna Schmitz. Moments of life captured by the waves, which show with kindness all the grace of women’s surfing.

Amanda Chinchelli

Founded by Amanda Chinchelli, a young woman who is as passionate about surfing as fashion, Seea is a brand offering swimwear and surf suits tailored to the female body, whose goal is to “celebrate the grace of surfer women”. “I created Seea out of necessity,” recounted the designer for Cooler Lifestyle . “I was fed up with ugly and uncomfortable lycras, I needed something comfortable, which protects me from the sun and at the same time makes me feel pretty in the middle of the waves.”

A brand created by and for women, whose feminist commitment is expressed through each new collection, and daily on his Instagram account.

Stephanie “Goldie Blondie”

Author of the blog Goldie Blondie , who tells her adventures as a surfer mom, co-founder of the association ellessurf , who sets up surf sessions 100% feminine, and columnist on the radio Wave Radio Hossegor , Stéphanie “Goldie Blondie” dedicates an important part of his time surfing, which is in his eyes a practice as essential as galvanizing.

Inspiring, her Instagram account, followed by just over 20,000 people, is a true celebration of women’s surfing. Very regularly fed, he encourages women to gather and take out their board as soon as possible, and this in all circumstances: currently pregnant eight months, the Hossegorienne does not miss any opportunity to slip on his longboard.

Behind this account, Instagram hides Californian shampoo Christine Brailsford Caro, founder of the company Furrow Surf Craft. Based in Leucadia, a small coastal town in San Diego County, this Laguna College of Art & Design laureate is fashioning planks with round, polished curves that are entirely hand-crafted from locally produced materials. Aesthetically minimalist, her designs, adopted by many Californian surfers, make her one of the most accomplished shapers of the moment. In an interview with The Seea, Christine Brailsford Caro explained:


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