Nail Design with flower

75 Easy Nail Design Ideas with Flowers

I am passionate about nails designs for their elegance and how beautiful they are if you know how to combine colors.

That is why with these beautiful days of spring and summer that more beautiful than carrying a flower on your fingers.

I am going to show you my best photos that I was collecting on nail designs with flowers that you can also have inside your decoration, butterflies, decorative stones such as appliques, stripes, dots, French, blurred among many other combinations.

I remember that the first time I used one of the flower nail designs was at my first spring party where nail art was not so fashionable at the time but all my friends liked that detail.

Then over time it became a trend and today it is so important that it is even a fashion accessory.

Nail designs Ideas

Nail Designs with Flowers Step by Step

How to make flowers on the nails?

It’s very simple but you have to have patience, perseverance and a lot of practice.

Then it will come out the easiest and fastest way I assure you.

I recommend you first apply these steps of ” how to paint your nails “

  1. Once you have the nail prepared as large as possible, you can use a fine brush to draw a center point
  2. Then you make large petals in the shape of large circles that start from the center one attached to the other
  3. You paint to fill each petal with the color of the enamel that you want the best is pink
  1. You can add green leaves with smaller circles
  2. To finish you can seal the enamel with hardener or transparent

With a layer of skin-colored nail polish for the background and some red and yellow roses with green leaves, you can see the incredible level of detail that this nail art achieve

nail art with flower

Easy Nail designs with flowers where you only have to combine the white for the bottom of the nail then for the leaves you can do it with black and red for the petals, it is a very oriental drawing in the combination

Easy Nail designs with flowers

French nail designs with white tips for that I recommend that you leave the size of each nail very long as well as make a flower in the best pink and outlined butterfly style with a brush as small as possible at its tip with light tones.

French nail designs

Nails design with white French and light blue lines are very beautiful. On the rest of the nail, you can apply a bright transparent enamel and then apply the flower pattern drawing in the same light blue or light blue color with white dots.

Nails design with white

Nail designs with large flowers and with many lines as you can see in the photo arm yourself of patience because the pulse for these drawings have to be perfect to make them look good.

Nail designs with large flowers

Purple and purple pretty flower nail design with a floral style in each hand only and the other bright smooth painted nails

Purple and purple pretty flower nail design

In this photo of nail arts you can see that the white enamel is combined in the background and then the leaves with black color, what makes the difference is in each finger a few petals of different orange, green, pink and light blue colors are made.

floral nail art

Designs of Nails with flowers for feet where we combine bright and golden appliques with a white flower and pink background. You can add to the nail designs with stones if you put a strass.

Designs of Nails with flowers for feet

Nail models that have different types of flowers on their edges combining the colors pink, violet, and clear with a transparent and bright enamel base to fix the design

Nail designs with flowers

Nail designs with dots and flowers where in each model you can see different shapes but always applying some point to make the flower that is implemented

Nail designs with dots and flowers

Nail figures with pastel colors and stone sconces with flowers in white or black

75 Easy Nail Design Ideas with Flowers

If you like to load your fingers with shades without a doubt this is the design I do not like much but you may like it if you like to apply glitters, stones and white flowers such as jasmine.

Nail designs glitters

Nail styles with pink enamel and white petal flowers with black dots. They are designs of flowers in acrylic nails

Nail styles with pink enamel and white petal flowers with black dots

Flowers with a cartoon and cartoon style with a combination of very beautiful enamel volumes that I recommend for teenagers on a spring day

Nail designs

Nail designs with acrylic flowers to have pastel pink colors and white dots at each end of the nail no matter what size it is

Nail designs with acrylic flowers

Long nails to take advantage of these glitters than half of the nail with striped flowers such as petals and white leaves with pink and a glitter applique

Nail design with flowers

Drawings for nails painted with bright red enamel and then the flowers are made in the lower half with a small, thin white enamel brush

Nail design with flowers

Only one nail designs then the other nails have French decoration with the white tip and the rest transparent

Nail design with flowers

As if it were a print this idea was made by a manicure that this design recommended for me when I want to look elegant for a party I recommend it if you do not want to wear your hands with a lot of colors

Nail design with flowers

Gel nails black and silver in half with flowers as prints decorated for your manicure with dots

Nail design with flowers

Nail designs decorated with elegant black and white flowers that are trending in this 2020

Nail design with flowers

Nail design with pink, red flowers that were used a lot in 2019 as a trend and now in 2020 they are the best clothing accessories if you like to use brushes

Nail design with flowers

Nail design with flowers on different fingers and smooth nails with violet color the latest trend of nail art used in Europe and the United States for birthday parties and social events

Nail design with flowers

Ideas to combine in your nails a design of flowers and points with great precision where it acts as a background applying a relief to have nail designs with 3D flowers

nail designs with 3D flowers

If you have long nails this design is ideal for you, it is not a simple nail design but if you do it with patience more bright stone sconces will be beautiful

long nail design with flowers

Golden nails designs with red and white petals with the black trunk is an excellent combination if your flower design is the one chosen for this day.

Golden nails with red and white petals

More nail designs with nail art styles with dots and on some fingers only the flower drawing you like is made

floral nail design

Another floral nail design where yellow is a bright spot and then with larger spots with white enamel a daisy forms

floral nail design

Floral designs for nails that look very nice when you have a finger size and long nail where we see flowers in different sizes

floral nails designs

Nail art designs with pink enamel and appliques to decorate forming the petals for this summer

nails designs

Nail Designs with Flowers

Images of nails designs, nail art style with pink petals that taught me a friendly manicure for being simple to decorate

Images of nails designs

If you want to play with your daughter to paint her nails I leave you these nail designs for very beautiful and explained girls.

Nail designs with flowers

Flowers or flowers as you want to say in this use of very beautiful enamels to highlight a nail with a different color background easy for floral designs

Nail designs with flowers

Nail designs with flowers decorated by applying the French on the thick white tip drawing a branch in the middle, this design can be applied on the feet is very good

Nail designs with flowers

Nail designs with white flowers and yellow center as if it were jasmine or a daisy but the black background polish makes it like the first layer

Nail designs with white flowers

Images of nails designs with acrylic flowers where they look very natural which you can also ask a pedicure to do on the feet with gel

Nail designs with flower

Yellow flowers nail design with beautiful white petals for any occasion

Nail designs with flower
Nail designs with flower
Nail designs with flower
Nail designs with flower

Nails designs with roses one of the best-known flowers in the world where tattoos of this flower are made

Nail designs with flower
Nail designs with flower

Nail designs for women of dots, stripes and flowers. Different techniques of nail arts in one hand

Nail designs with flower
Nail designs with flower
Nail designs with flower

Nails designs with flowers applying nails art for beginners where only certain fingers are painted

Nail designs with flower

Nail design with hearts and petals that are detached on each nail making a sequence if you look at the five fingers next to each other with a pink enamel painted background

Nail designs with flower

Youtube videos with nails to decorate and paint with flowers

A good way to learn other nail art designs with flowers so you can be like a manicure is in this video that shows you beautiful ideas to try to copy.

As I mentioned before, flowers always stand out for their variation in colors, in this case I will leave you to get ideas from Crown tattoos where you can perfectly complement your designed nails.

Nail aesthetics is something that has become more fashionable in recent years and you can not stop using it in your hands since you can be very elegant and feminine with this modern and detailed touch.

It can be acrylic, gel, with classic enamel or as you want but the important thing you feel comfortable when it comes to showing off your hands.

And if some of the molds and designs that I show you as an example to get ideas you like, start sharing with your friends on Pinterest and Instagram that you will surely be giving a good hand.

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