More than 50 Medium-length Haircuts Winter 2020 –

Bob cut and Shag cut Y mmore than 50 Medium Haircut Haircuts Winter 2020 They are fashionable. Let’s analyze the dimensions for women with the round and elongated face, the curly or straight hair, the layers and the bangs.


To know what haircut suits us we have to take into account several factors, in the first we have to look at is the face type what we have. That is why we will start the article by analyzing the cuts for women with a round and elongated face. Join us!

Medium-length Haircuts Winter 2020 Round Face


As we said the first thing we have to know when choosing a cut and hairstyle is the type of face we have. Let’s see the keys to carry the best cuts with the round face.


If we have the round face the goal is to gain volume in the upper zone and to achieve this the best we can do is opt for a bob cut with long layers.


We can also choose a smooth and slightly longer mane, with the stripe in the middle in this way we will be able to lengthen the facial oval and achieve more volume that is the final goal. In the following gallery you will find more photos of cuts of half mane for round face.

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Haircuts Medium Hair Winter 2020 Long Face

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Many times you don’t know what haircut we do because you don’t know which one suits you best, if you have the long and thin face the best option is curl and curl your hair. Long straight hair will not look good because it will lengthen your face even more.

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We recommend the half mane because it’s best for you, more specifically a bob cut or a long bob but always curling or waving because we will gain volume.

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With this hairstyle we will get volume on the sides and a change of look that will be great. In this gallery you have below you can see more examples of cuts and hairstyles of women with half hair and elongated face.

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Haircuts Medium Hair Winter 2020 Bob Cut


One of the most popular half-length cuts is the bob cut with its different styles of wearing it: bob cut, long bob, short bob …


The purpose of this haircut is frame the face, stylize it and give movement to the look. It can be worn both loose and in a ponytail, it sure suits you both ways.


Yes in the bangs the height the eyebrows mark, in this cut what jaw mark, depending on whether we have a long bob or short bob we will wear the hair above or below Anyway we leave you these photos so you can see different ways of wearing the bob cut.

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Medium Haircut Haircuts Winter 2020 Shag Cut


The shag cut It is a cut that has a lot of style and is used since the 70s, 80s and 90s. The trick to make it look good is to wear many layers and get the light and movement effect Through wicks


The messy effect It is another characteristic of this haircut and to get it they tend to blunt the hair and put some waves.


If we want to look younger this cut is the right one and each one can give their personal touch either wet effect With a gel, always better than the jelly as it damages the hair. In this photo gallery we leave you with different examples of shag cuts so you can imagine how this cut will look like.

Medium-length Winter2020 Layered Haircuts


This Winter2020 is a trend to wear a half mane but with the characteristic of being with layers. The layers give us volume and make the hair look more because it gives us movement to the look.


In addition, another advantage of wearing layers is that we can comb us in different ways and take different lengths.


A layered or stepped mane also serves to discharge when you have a lot of hair and in these months it is very hot. If you want to get ideas for this Summer make a cut with layers we leave you the following photo gallery.

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Medium Hair Cuts Winter 2020 Curly


After talking about half-layered hair we have to focus on the curly or wavy hair, that is, those women who want gain volume They have to curl or curl their hair.


Depending on the amount of volume we want to achieve, we will opt for more or less exaggerated hairstyles, but women usually opt for a symmetrical cut where you will get movement and freshness normal to in our court.


At the time of combing we advise you to wear the stripe in the middle and the hair in front of the shoulders, that is, hair care. So that you have more ideas of half curly hair we show you this gallery.

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Medium-length Haircuts Winter 2020 Smooth


Once we have seen curly or wavy hair, we focus on the half smooth mane, a cut that never goes out of style and that conveys that it is a careful and sophisticated hair.

medium-straight-hair-brown-hair-cuts-width =

It is fashionable to wear half-length smooth hair but to match the hairstyle they usually wear some type of bangs, either straight, open or sideways (beveled).


If you are interested in seeing more examples of girls with smooth half-lengths we invite you to click on the following photo gallery to discover which of these hairstyles suits you best.

Winter 2020 Half-length Haircuts with Bangs

To match a hairstyle or look we usually think of bangs, but taking into account the type of face we have we will put one type or another.


The bangs serve to bring attention to some features of the face and to balance the factions. Now let’s see the three types of bangs: straight, sideways or beveled and open.

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With Straight Bangs

The straight bangs It is fashionable and little by little more and more women wear it but to make it look good you have to take it to the perfect height, that is, the height is marked by the eyebrows.


The bangs have to cover the eyebrows but we will wear a pin up cut and it is not very flattering although some celebrities have dared to wear it as Beyonce.


We leave you more examples of half-lengths with straight bangs in this gallery.

With Side or Bevel Bangs

The most popular bangs of all time for women is the side bangs or bevel and this is because it favors the majority and is very good in all types cuts, long, medium and short hair.


For women with a square, triangular and heart shape, the best option is to wear a beveled bangs because it will reduce the volume. We recommend you take it long and paraded which is how this Winter 2020 takes.

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In this gallery we show you more photos of women with side bangs and beveled.

With Open Bangs

The fringe more careful and sophisticated is the open and it is that the mythical Brigitte Bardot made it fashionable with its carefree air.


Also this bangs sweetens the face and can be worn with loose or collected hair, both ways will look great.


To see more examples of this type of bangs and different hairstyles we leave this gallery.

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