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Makeup With Red Lipstick- Which Color To Choose?

Red lipstick is one of the big beauty trends of autumn-winter 2019, but how to makeup with red lipstick? How to find its hue, its finish, and with what to associate it? Lucy tells you everything!

Red lipstick is of course a great classic in make-up, and yet I regularly hear people around me tell me that they can not wear it.

As this color is part of the trends of autumn-winter 2019, so you risk to see everywhere and maybe want to put you in your turn, so here are some tips to dare the red on the lips!

Choose your shade of red lipstick

Before you go into the choice of your red lipstick, try to find out what colors you like. I hear people everywhere call reds “real red,” but in reality, there are dozens of different shades!

The red-orange is, as the name suggests, a red that pulls orange. It can be more or less dark, more or less hot, and it is generally good for mixed skin.

Bluish red is a classic Red Carpet because its blue sub-tone neutralizes the yellow of the teeth. It goes to absolutely everyone and has a very elegant side.

The pinkish-red, you guessed it, is a red that pulls on the rose . I find it very pretty in winter, with lots of blush on the cheeks.

Makeup With Red Lipstick

In general, I do not like to say that this or that color does not go to this or that type of person because, in my opinion, everything is a question of habit.

Yes, I repeat myself in each article but it is so that it fits in your head!

Basically, go first to the colors that attract you, rather than those that “go” according to this or that convention. If you like to color in the tube of lipstick, it’s already the first step for you to wear it!

To dare red lipstick, go step by step

Once you know what shade of red you want to steer, I advise you, if you’re not used to wearing this color, to choose a rather transparent lipstick.

It will tint your lips a nice color while leaving them reflected, so the effect will be more subtle and probably less difficult to dare for you.

red lip inks

Then, when you are used to seeing a more sustained color on your mouth, you can move to more opaque textures. And that’s how you become addicted to red lipstick …

opaque red lipstick

What to wear with red lipstick?

If you have never really worn that kind of color on your lips, you probably wonder how to match it with the rest of your makeup.

Once again, do what you like! Often, makeup artists tend to assume that with a full mouth, it is best to avoid putting on too much makeup.

But I say: SCREW THAT !

In fact, if you’re not used to doing so much makeup, you can put some mascara to dress your eyes and bring a little balance with the red lipstick.

But the red lipstick goes very well with walleye, persimmon, rose gold, peach … Finally, a lot!

So, did this article make you want to put on red lipstick? Or if you are used to wearing, with what do you associate it?


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