side effects of hair smoothing

Major Side Effects of Hair Smoothing

If you are going to hair smoothing soon, do not miss the side effects and dangers of this hair straightening or hair smoothing technique.

Side Effects of Hair Smoothing. Keratin straightening or straightening is a very popular treatment that allows you to straighten your hair in a semi-durable way. Keratin leaves hair straight and very shiny, but this technique also has side effects. Some of these effects are serious enough to understand the prohibition of these softener products in some countries. Here we tell you the effects and dangers of the famous keratin.

Smoothing with keratin helps you look straight hair for several months. It is a treatment that straightens frizzy or curly hair. It is done by applying a solution of keratin to washed hair and then dried. The solution is left for a while and later a hair straightener is used so that the product penetrates the hair. The chemicals in the solution alter the structure of the hair, so it becomes smooth, soft and shiny. Keratin helps strengthen, hydrate and condition the hair. Like all treatments, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

This treatment has side effects such as:

Allergies: straightening with keratin usually contains quite strong chemicals such as formaldehyde and aldehydes. These ingredients can produce allergies, dermatitis, eczema and other skin problems. If you usually have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies, consult your dermatologist before performing this treatment.

Carcinogenic ingredients: the active ingredient most used to straighten hair is formaldehyde. This ingredient is carcinogenic and irritating. This compound is essential to straighten hair. It is used at low levels so it is not usually harmful. But when a keratin treatment is performed and the iron is used, high temperatures combined with the keratin solution can create formaldehyde vapors. These vapors are bad and increase the chances of getting cancer. Several organizations have warned of the use of these products and gases and studies have been conducted where they have found too much formaldehyde. Some of these smoothing products have been banned in some countries. To skip the ban, some countries use other names such as metallic acid, formaldehyde, formalin, methylene glycol.

Hair loss: after a keratin treatment, some people have noticed that their hair was falling more than usual. This may be due to the high temperatures of the iron and the improper use of products and equipment.

Damaged hair: the high temperatures of the iron and the keratin solution can damage the hair and in some cases, the little washed the hair looks dry, damaged and without light.

So that the side effects do not make an appearance in your treatment, visit a good professional who uses quality products. In addition, the hairdresser must be well ventilated to avoid harmful gases.


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