MAC launches its make-up collection inspired by 'Aladdin'

MAC launches its make-up collection inspired by ‘Aladdin’

Now you can become a Jasmine thanks to MAC’s new makeup collection, the brand was inspired by Aladdin’s live-action. 

Soon the premiere of the live action of the movie ‘Aladdin’ will take place, so the well-known make-up brand MAC had the great idea of ​​creating a new collection inspired by that film. Many of the fans were thrilled to hear about this news, especially those who are lovers of makeup.

Just a week after the premiere of the ‘Aladdin’ trailer, the brand has just announced its launching its new collection which, of course, is also inspired by the princess Jasmín, who thanks to her beauty and her freedom spirit has become one of the favorites of many girls and women.

MAC launches its make-up collection inspired by 'Aladdin'

The brand has already published all the accessories that will be sold on their Instagram account and we have to say that they are beautiful, this new collection includes products such as lipsticks, eye shadows, and sunscreens. The best thing is that the lipstick falls perfectly with different skin tones and shadows come in warm colors and others with brightness.

We must also talk about the packaging that is inspired by Agrabah, the city of the Far East where Jasmin and Aladdin meet for the first time. On the cover of the packages, you will notice the impressive designs and the best thing is that they come with high relief.

MAC launches its make-up collection inspired by 'Aladdin'

If you are a cosmetics lover and a fan of Aladdin, then you must be aware of the day of the sale, because until now we know that they will be available in all physical and virtual MAC stores from May 16, according to the country where you live. the release date may vary a few days. 

Why did MAC create this makeup line? 

The brand has an end for which decided to create this makeup line in one of their social networks said:  “Fulfilling their wishes, this collaboration highlights the self-determination and confidence of Princess Jasmine in the next live adaptation of the animated film of Disney

In addition, the cosmetics brand announced the premiere of the film that will take place on May 24, so girls, if you have the opportunity to buy your makeup on time then you can go to see the movie wearing the same makeup as Jasmine.

MAC launches its make-up collection inspired by 'Aladdin'



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