Lana: "I love being a bad girl"

Lana: “I love being a bad girl”

WWE superstar Lana was recently interviewed by Gerry Strauss of  411mania. Among other things, Lana talked about whether she prefers to be a  face or heeland about the challenges of being a heroine. Below, the most important statements.

About if you prefer to be  face or  heel :

“I have more fun being a villain, I think that, as a fighter, I sell the damage well and I know how to make the public feel empathy for me, but I have a better time being heel … Look, when do people intimate more? Our blessings or when we complain? Look, in that locker room, I feel we join more when there are complaints Do not get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for the things that I have in my life Like CJ Perry, I affirm that we should be positive. Like Lana, I prefer to be upset, that’s why there are so many relationships on Twitter because people are always complaining, I love being a bad girl. “

On the challenges of being  babyface :

“If you’re a good guy and you’re extremely popular, like Becky Lynch or John Cena, you can go on stage and do anything, because they’ll cheer you up, but if people feel a little indifferent about your character, it’ll be more complicated. You generate a reaction, of course you can achieve it, of course you can have a good fight, tell a great story or make a great promo, however, I think that, as a villain, it is easier to handle the audience. appearance, but I know how to change that reaction, bring me the microphone and give me 20 seconds, the whole room is going to boo me.

As a villain, of course I like to cheat. I love cheating! Why would not I use all my secrets to try to win? It is much more fun. The hero always has to win. When the good guys kick my ass and I see the enthusiasm of the people to see that the hero is triumphing, I feel gratified. I think part of that reaction is thanks to me because I’ve done my job well. “


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