Ladies, if you want an orgasm, prefer women!

Ladies, if you want an orgasm, prefer women!

Orgasm would be much more common for women who sleep with other women.

This is a study that may not please all men. We learn that women who have relationships with each other have much more fun under the sheets. Explanations.

Not enough foreplay

They are researchers from the University of Arkansas who have studied the subject. They surveyed 2,300 people around the world. Result? A woman who sleeps with another woman would have up to 55 orgasms a month. A woman who has sex with a man should be satisfied with seven. An incredible differential. Yet, heterosexual couples would have more relationships in the month.

Dr. Kristen Jozkowski responsible for the study explains at 20 minutes, the origin of this difference.

Sex is more diverse in homosexual relationships.

Everything does not happen with penetration and coitus as a goal. As a result, there is more time for foreplay and sexual games. Above all, women understand each other better. Finally, women would be a little less selfish. From there to think that women should claim a little more and slip an anatomy manual to their husbands, there is only one step! What do you think?


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