Introducing Dancing Doctor, the favorite doctor of sick children (videos)

Introducing Dancing Doctor, the favorite doctor of sick children (videos)

This doctor has a very special method to give a smile to children with serious diseases. Everyone loves it!

His name is Tony Adkins and this young doctor is convinced that a smile can help his patients feel better and live better, especially with their illnesses. That’s why he has a special method to help his young patients. He makes them dance! And it is without shyness that he often has fun dancing with them to make them laugh and have a good time: “They do not need to do any particular dance, they just have to move to the rhythm of the music. ” And this medical method has a great success with his patients as the families of his patients. The doctor is more and more requested and recommended within families. Tony Adkins even has a nickname now that he is known for his boisterous dances in his consultations. He is now known as the “Dancing Doc”, the dancing doctor, and it’s a nickname that does not bother him, quite the contrary.

The young doctor adds to justify this unusual method that he uses: “Studies show that when people smile, laugh and interact with others, the effects on the brain are more powerful than some painkillers. ‘try with the support of the hospital to preserve the magic of childhood.’ It is true that a sick child knows a difficult and completely different daily life than a child in good health. Everything changes for him, but also within his family and his family. That’s why Dancing Doc wants his little patients to keep the joys of their childhood giving rhythm to his consultation sessions. An improbable idea, certainly, but that works perfectly! The proof: on all the videos he publishes on his Instagram account, children are all smiles!

How did this idea come to him? The first time he danced with a patient, he was a young boy with leukemia. The teenager was deeply depressed: “He was depressed and I thought I wanted to do something to get him out of there.” he explains while he is invited on a US show. He also says that he, as a child, loved listening to music and letting himself go to the rhythm while dancing. So he tried the experiment on the boy he was caring for and the result was immediately effective. Doc Dancing has repeated the experience with other patients and it turns out that the doctor has become a real anti-depressant for children who come to see him.


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