If you want to stay fit then these facts are for you
HEALTH Tips & Tricks

If you want to stay fit then these facts are for you

Know the secret of good health

What is life? What does this get for? Why is human life also called best? Have you ever noticed some such questions? If not, then just think. You will come to the conclusion that man is more sensible than other creatures and there has been such a power to think that he can make his life better than before. Why is it that the health problems in the world have increased? It’s a simple answer, our lifestyle the way we live because of these, we have raised our problems further. Stressful life has brought us to the verge of catastrophe. Although we are capable of thinking better for ourselves, they are being run contrary to that direction. As a result, we have kept our life from boredom.

Today we have brought this diagnosis for you. Some such health-related information has come up, which will greatly benefit you. So, without any delay, you and we go along and learn the tricks to improve your life.


Laughing can increase the flow of blood in your body by 20%.


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You can achieve longevity due to positive thinking.



Despite being tired, exercising involves more energy in you.


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You are likely to die early due to more sleep due to sitting for long. Life is precious.


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Deaths due to not exercising are the same as deaths due to smoking.


30% of the world’s people are obese.


By learning any new language or playing a musical instrument, your brain gets a new speed.


Studying can reduce your stress. 


Drinking coffee reduces stress.


By smelling everyday flowers, your memory increases and you are more alerts.


Writing with your hands makes it easy to remember something.



By eating chewing gum, your anger remains in your control. At the same time, you are also relaxed.


Outside the house, negative energy is destroyed and bad thoughts do not come in the mind.


It takes hours for your body to digest healthy food. So, next time thinking about something to eat.


Women up to the age of fifty need twice the amount of iron riched foods compared to men.



About one kilogram of weight loss is required to burn approximately 3500 calories.


Walking with a fast move one day a week is likely to reduce heart disease by 65%.


Deciding on running a 12-15 mile journey a week, your body’s ability to fight diseases becomes more evolving.


A common man walks 7500 steps daily. Sometimes you did not try to count it!


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❤️Blood Pressure & Exercise❤️ . ❓Do you have your blood pressure measured regularly? Does high blood pressure run in your family? Is your blood pressure high? Share this post with someone who could benefit from it! . ?Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world. High systolic blood pressure (SBP) is a modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Changing SBP can affect your relative risk of different health conditions such as heart attack (MI), stroke (CVA), etc. that can lead to significant decrease in quality of life, loss of function, or death. Typically blood pressure is managed through the usage of various pharmacological interventions with success. However, with the usage of medications comes side effects, cost, reliance, and other possible downsides. While those negatives are better than death, we do have an alternative in most cases to medication usage – exercise. . ?‍♂️Exercise has a wide range of benefits for the cardiovascular system and helping to reduce the risk of disease. In one analysis those who participated in leisure time physical activity had 24-27% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease compared to those who had low levels of activity. In a recent meta-analysis on the randomized controlled trials assessing exercises effect on BP it was found exercise interventions were effective in lowering SBP. Medication usage was generally more effective than exercise, but exercise was effective in all trials. . ?‍?In trials looking at different kinds of exercise it was found that both endurance and resistance exercise combined was the most effective. Results for low, moderate, and high intensity exercise did differ, but all groups saw significant benefit. . ?This data doesn’t tell us that you should stop taking your blood pressure medication and start exercising, but it does tell us you should have a discussion with your primary care about using exercise to help lower it and hopefully reduce your amount of medication usage. If you aren’t currently on medication, we can use exercise to help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and need for medication in the future. . ?Hüseyin N, et al. How does exercise treatment co

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With deep breath you can reduce blood pressure.


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