How to wear a shirt well in any circumstance: the definitive style manual

How to wear a shirt well in any circumstance: the definitive style manual

Although it is a daily garment, do not underestimate its power. How you wear it will tell you a lot.

You usually wear a shirt more often than you imagine. You use both this garment that you have not even stopped to think about if you wear it properly. The daily life of this piece can confuse us and make us think that we are all an eminence carrying it. You may even dare to take the riskiest prints and do not be afraid of it, taking the issue of unbuttoning the buttons a little bit further each day, but are you sure of what you are doing? You may be sinning tacky or you’re wearing the shirt that does not touch and you unknowingly. Do not underestimate the use of this garment, as every day as it is definitive, that will tell many things of your style.

Let’s start at the beginning, how do we choose the shirt that best suits us? The manga is a little long but, ‘bah, surely nobody notices’? Hard neck or soft neck? Really matters? It matters a lot. 
Ramón Barbero, one of the founders of the Brava Fabrics shirts brand gives us the fundamental keys to keep in mind: “If it is a shirt to wear with a tie, it is best not to wear buttons and that the paddle is not too big Otherwise we will be imitating the style of the gangsters of the 30s.

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For leisure time , the neck should be soft. The size here depends on the ‘noise’ you want to make. I always recommend small shovel in any case. Regarding the length of sleeve, the cuffs that fall on the hand do not fit well and denote some sloppiness. That is why it is very important to choose the size of chest and belly, always counting on asking for the adjustment that is necessary to fix the sleeves and that they are perfect “.

Ramón Barbero, also clears us another type of doubts such as, for example, the universal question that every man has ever done in his life, how far do I undo the button on his shirt?

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“I think your thing is to forget about unbuttoning the second button except in very few exceptions, for example, a flamenco singer or Lewis Hamilton can afford it, I would recommend it to others if it’s summer and you’re wearing a cool shirt and the shirt is completely unbuttoned. “, says the co-founder of Brava Fabrics.

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And, with the men of hair on chest? We asked him Ramón Barbero has it very clear: “In those cases, it is better to do the world a favor and always cover those hairs”.

The short sleeve shirt is one of those pieces that can generate more doubts, right? Do not? Elena Fraguas, adviser attached to the presidency of Mirto responds: “The short sleeve is just as important as the long sleeve and here comes back into play the preference of each person, although there are always some codes that we must follow. An American or a suit should not wear short-sleeved shirts, as the cuff of the shirt should appear slightly (approximately 1 cm) below the sleeve of the jacket, so we could say that short-sleeved shirts should obviate in more formal events or environments. It should be noted that the use of short-sleeved shirts is more common in places of warm weather, in many cases with patterns or bright colors, and also for more casual styles and can be combined with chinos, jeans or shorts. There was a time when they suffered bad reputation and they were so used but we certainly live a moment when they are back in fashion and above all, they have a great reception among the most ‘trendy’ audience.

Finally, all brands have a wide range of colors and patterns to each more daring. The one that says that the fashion of man is boring is because it comes from another century but, precisely for that variety we can sometimes get screwed, so, stamped yes, no, when?

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Ramón Barbero responds: “Of course, prints and colors also have their own moments, for example, would you wear a khaki green shirt with a suit? If the answer is no, the same applies to printed shirts, they do not give you a molar license. … The most recommended are white or blue shirts if it is to dress, however, if the printed shirt is not white or blue, the rest of the outfit should be neutral, otherwise you will look like an optical illusion. the more you feel, you have to be authentic. “

There you have it, the basic manual to wear a shirt that will solve those doubts that you never dared to ask.


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