How to sleep? 8 proven ways to get a good night's sleep!
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How to sleep? 8 proven ways to get a good night’s sleep!

What to do to quickly fall asleep, and to get up rested? Will it be a tiring workout, a glass of hot milk or tea? Does a long sleep mean a good night’s sleep? We dispel all doubts and provide some proven ways for a good night’s sleep!

It is not without reason that sleep is said to be the best cosmetic and even the medicine. It has a beneficial effect on our figure as well as health. It has long been proven that beleaguered people live happily ever after. In this connection we decided to take a closer look at about a good sleep and prompt you how to sleep, to get enough sleep. Get to know our proven ways for a good, restful sleep!

# 1 Cut out

Stress is the biggest enemy of sleep. We guarantee that the troubled nerves will not let you fall asleep quickly, and certainly regenerate yourself. That’s why we recommend meditation or another relaxing ritual – you do not have to spread out the mat and light candles around you. All you need to do is lie down comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your breath for a few minutes. Imagine that you get rid of bad energy from your body, and attract only good to yourself. Think about nice things – those that happened today or those from the past. A calm mind and a silent organism is the first step to good sleep.

# 2 Take a long bath

Bath will help you relax because the warm water brilliantly relaxes the body. Many people even admitted that the moments spent in the bathtub act on them drowsiness – who knows, maybe you are also one of the lucky ones? If for some reason you can not afford a bath, you can take a long, hot shower. It will work too!

# 3 Try aromatherapy

There are fragrances that make you fall asleep, and actually let you quickly and pleasantly fall asleep. One of them – certainly the most popular and most easily available is the smell of lavender. So invest in a small bottle (necessarily!) Of natural aroma oil and add a few drops to a burning candle, fireplace or bath ( apropos of the second point). You can also buy a special spray with lavender in the composition that helps you fall asleep – just spray it with your pillow and fall asleep quickly, like a small child and sleep well throughout the night.

# 4 Ventilate your bedroom

It is worth to ventilate not only your mind but also your bedroom before going to bed. The proper air circulation allows you to sleep better and, as a result, get enough sleep and get up rested. Remember also that the best temperature for sleeping is from 18 to 21 degrees Celsius.

# 5 Do not get tired!

Contrary to appearances, heavy training will not help you quickly, and certainly. fall asleep! Do the intensive exercises in the morning or in the afternoon. In the evening, we suggest you go for a quiet walk. Thanks to thirty minutes spent in the open air, you will oxygenate your brain, gather thoughts and rest.

# 6 In the evening, do not eat heavy dishes

Give up eating heavily digestible food for about two hours before going to bed. The same applies to drinks containing caffeine (including tea!) And alcohol. Unfortunately, it is not true that the wine allows you to fall asleep faster.

# 7 Wear comfortable clothes

It may seem trivial, but wearing comfortable clothes really has a positive effect on sleep. Indirectly, but nevertheless. Just loose, sewn from natural fabrics (at the head with organic cotton) clothes will make you feel extremely comfortable. Do not allow anything to make you feel uncomfortable or sleepy, or just before it. Time to invest in new, ultra-comfortable pajamas!

# 8 Do not use electronic devices

We know that it is hard, even impossible, but we really advise you to give up using your computer just before going to bed. You should also not watch movies and TV series late into the night. All through blue light, emitted just by electronic devices. Also remember to turn off wifi in your phones overnight and, above all, do not keep them next to your head.

We guarantee that if you introduce these few simple rules into your life, the quality of your sleep will improve significantly. You will get rested, with energy for the whole day and a positive attitude towards the world and people. Begin to treat your dream as your priority – the best and most effective investment in yourself.


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