How to renovate the interior of your apartment without wasting too much time and money
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How to renovate the interior of your apartment without wasting too much time and money

In order to renovate the interior of your house, it is not necessary to do some great work, because thanks to some very affordable tips, everyone can give their home a touch of novelty.

Thewebfry offers to test these ten creative tips with the help of which you can renovate any room, with only 60 minutes watch in hand.

10. Hang lights to give another atmosphere

It has been a long time since this accessory has become more than just a decorative object of the Christmas tree. You can hang lights on the wall, illuminate your mirror or put them in a crystal container to get an extraordinary lamp.

9. The plants


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It is better to choose plants that like shade and place them in the most unexpected places, for example, in an angle between the wall and the furniture.

8. A pillow cover made from an old sweater


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When you have an old sweater laying around that no one wears anymore…. #newpillow #becreative #pillowsweater #cozycouchpillow #warmwool

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In general, the idea of renovating a textile is the ideal variant to introduce a new element to your interior. And to do it faster and without spending a lot of money, give a second life to your past sweater. Creating a pillowcase will not be difficult even if you do not have a sewing machine.

7. Renovate an old lamp

Here’s another way to add a bright element to your interior: decorate something with driftwood branches. For example, you can quickly renovate an old lamp, if you add a few branches around, to attach with a rope or a string fun.

6. Add an eye-catching element

In order for your classic interior to have new colors, there is no need to change everything. It’s enough to focus on something that will attract attention. For example, you can paint an object with a contrasting color: the door, the kitchenette, the bottom of the cabinet …

5. Bring all photographs, frames and panels together on one wall

To give your room a more spectacular appearance, select style elements or a range of colors. And the format, on the other hand, must be different. The more variants there are, the better.

4. Hang several mirrors in the bathroom

If you have several mirrors at home, do not be in a hurry to throw them away. You can replace the simple and classic mirror in the bathroom with a set of several mirrors of different shapes and sizes.

3. Make ornaments with the help of a colorful tape

This element will be able to renovate any domestic object, a piece of furniture or even the walls. You can make a multitude of repetitive patterns, write sentences, because your choice will give its charm and individuality to your interior.

2. Use moldings on the walls

If you stop seeing this element exclusively from a practical point of view, it will be obvious that the moldings are a tool to give life to the most daring ideas of the creators. With them, you can decorate the walls, decorate the cornices of your windows, etc. One of the best-known tips is to create frames, as in the photo above.

1. Combine the impossible and try new experiences

Eclectic is always fashionable, and that means that by decorating your room, you can combine what should not logically be side by side at first sight. For example, you can hang daring compositions of several personal effects on the walls.

What do you think are the best tips for making space new? Do you have your inner secrets too? Share in the comments section below.


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