Ways to Make a Woman Want to H

How to Make a Woman Want You Sexually

Women feel sexually attracted to men who display personality traits and behaviors that mark them out as being the sort of guy who could potentially survive, thrive and prospers well in life.

For example, A man’s confidence will trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside of a woman because it suggests (to her attraction instincts) that he might be a good survivor and may be able to protect her and take care of her.

Make her feel sexually attracted to you

However, a man’s insecurity turns a woman off because it suggests that she might need her to take care of him and protect him.

Additionally, it suggests that he might not be able to get his way in the world and maybe overlooked for promotions or favor, which will then make survival harder for both of them.

Attraction is an instinctive reaction that men and women have to each other. A man’s initial attraction to a woman is mostly based on her being a healthy, good looking woman of breeding age.

You're sexy, I like you

It’s a bonus if she is also a nice woman, easy-going and so on, but the initial attraction doesn’t look for that.

A man’s initial attraction is all about finding a good place to plant his seed, even if he consciously doesn’t want to have children. His instincts are driving him to ejaculate inside a woman. However, a woman looks for different things in a man and isn’t just looking for a random guy to blow inside of her.

Attract her, make her feel sexy and turn her on with your touch

Her instincts look for a guy who would be a good survivor and may potentially be able to create a good future together with her.

So, if you want a woman to want you sexually, you need to display the kinds of personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women (i.e. traits that mark you out as a guy who could potentially survive and thrive).

Sexual tension in the office

A lot of guys assume that the only way for men to make women want them sexually is to make a lot of money, spend years in the gym or buy the woman loads of gifts and try to impress her in that way.

Sexual tension being released with a kiss

Yet, in reality, most women are very easy to attract and all it usually takes is 1-2 minutes of conversation where you display attractive traits and she will interest in you in a sexual way.

When she is attracted, all you need to do then is guide her through what I call The Flow and she will be yours:


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