How to lose weight?

How to lose weight?

Dietary advice, targeted fitness exercises, daily tips … We give you all the keys to losing weight without (too much) effort!

How to lose weight?
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It is an area that we tend to forget, and yet: over the years, between sedentary and junk food, the back increases like the rest of the body. And one day, we can not close our bra … Quickly, we react!

Lose back: the diet solution

Not surprisingly, there is no (yet) specific diet to lose the accumulated fat in the back. Therefore, it will be enough to adopt a balanced diet:

Protein side. The level of animal protein (eggs, fish, meat, dairy products, etc.) is gradually being reduced to vegetable proteins(lentils, chickpea puree, tofu …). Best for the line and for health!

Side carbs. We eliminate the “bad sugars”, those with a high glycemic index (GI): white sugar, sandwich bread, pastries, chocolate, sodas … We replace them with alternatives to low IG: wholemeal bread, syrup d ‘ agave, dark chocolate with 70% cocoa, tea or fresh juice …

Lipid side. We favor the “good fats” (omega-3, omega-6, omega-9) present in oily fish, avocados, oilseeds, seeds, vegetable oils … We avoid as much as possible animal fats: butter, cheese, milk, cream …

To avoid: alcohol, which promotes the appearance of love handles at the hips and lumber.

Lose back: which sports to prioritize?

If the sport does not, in itself, lose weight, it allows, however, to sculpt the silhouette and increase the muscle mass, the same one that burns calories even at rest. To refine the back, here are the sports to focus on:

  • The swimming (and, especially, the front crawl and back crawl) is the best choice to tone the back area: gentle on the joints, this sport is accessible to all and all target back muscles for a very harmonious result.
  • The stretching gradually stretches the back muscles and helps us refine us gently.
  • The yoga, meanwhile, also works the back muscles but also the posture in order to have the slimmer after only a few sessions.

Lose back: 3 fitness exercises

Exercise 1. Lying on the floor, arms crossed, right leg straight and left leg bent over the shin. Extend the left leg to the right side as far as possible without taking off the shoulders. Blow while stretching, then return to the starting position while inhaling. To do 3 times on each side.

Exercise 2. On all fours, with your back straight, exhale deeply as you enter the navel, lower your chin slightly and push on the arms to make around back. Hold the position for a few seconds. Release and do the hollow back while inhaling normally, while raising the chin. Repeat 3 times.

Exercise 3. On your stomach, arms outstretched in front of your head, legs outstretched, exhale and take off your arms and legs from the floor – be careful not to bend your knees, be careful not to raise your head. Hold the position for a few seconds and then return to the starting position while inhaling. Do 10 to 20 repetitions.



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