How to have a flat stomach without sport or physical activity?

How to have a flat stomach without sport or physical activity?

Unless you have a very good constitution, it is very difficult to keep a flat stomach without doing sports, or at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity. Despite everything, a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet avoiding foods that make you bloat and therefore increase the volume of your stomach can achieve this result without being a sportsman in the soul.

A balanced diet above all!

To have a flat stomach, you must first eat balanced! This may seem obvious but it must be put into practice! We forget the sweet drinks  (sodas, syrups, fruit juices included) consumed to excess to quench his thirst because any excess sugar will inevitably turn into fat, more or less harmoniously distributed in women, and more mainly at the level of abdomen in men and menopausal womenPUB

We will also take care of added fats (oil, butter, cream in the recommended amounts, that is to say 10 to 15g of butter and 4 tablespoons of oil daily maximum) but also to hidden fats (in pastries, cured meats, breadcrumbs, quiches, etc.)

Finally, avoid sodas and foods that ferment a lot in our intestines causing bloating and undesirable swelling (the family cabbages, crudités in excess, onions, etc.).

Sport or physical activity?

At each stage of life there are special nutritional needs to ensure the optimal development of our organism and to compensate for daily energy expenditure. The more athletic a person is, the more they can or will have to increase their food intake in order not to lose weight.

Whether swimming, jogging or playing a team sport, all these sports will have a more or less important impact on the musculature and the aspect of our belly. But when you do not have the time to join a gym, do not panic: a daily walk enough sustained 30 minutes can still muscle his stomach, provided he is at his weight of shape and not overweight.

A flat stomach goes through a good breath

Instead of regular abdominal sessions, the regular practice of breathing exercises alsoallows to strengthen its deep muscles, those that allow a good maintenance of internal organs. Practiced at home or at work, these simple exercises maintain the perineum and guarantee a flat stomach .

Dr. De Gasquet has also proposed an exercise called false chest inspiration, which regulates the intestinal transit at the same time, thus avoiding constipation. It’s a matter of pretending to take a deep breath but keep your nose stuffy, while digging up your belly as much as you can, then relaxing and inhaling again. Repeated a dozen times in a row, the deep muscles are felt!

Other exercises exist such as inflating his belly on the inspiration and then emptying it completely by contracting as much as possible on the exhalation, imagining that our belly button touches the spine. Regular practice (5 and 10 minutes a day taking 30 to 60 seconds on the expiration) can strengthen his deep abdominals for a flat stomach effect.


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