How to fight against stretch marks?

How to fight against stretch marks?

While Meghan Markle is about to welcome the royal baby in a few days, we are interested in a problem that affects all women, especially those who are expecting a child: stretch marks. Here are all our tips to avoid them and treat them once they have appeared.

Stretch marks are streaks on the skin that occur most often during pregnancy or during a major weight gain or loss. The distended skin “cracks”, revealing stretch marks first red or purple whitening over time. Belly, buttocks, breasts, thighs, and hips are the areas most affected by this dysfunction of fibroblasts and collagen of the skin. Here are our tips for avoiding and treating them at home or in a doctor’s office.

Prevent stretch marks

Pregnancy stretch marks are the result of not only distention of the skin but also hormonal disturbances that lead to a lack of collagen production and disruption of fibroblasts. Result: the skin is “split”, stretch marks are formed and leave skin marked. To prevent the appearance of stretch marks, it is recommended to drink a lot of water ( herbal tea, broth, fruits, excellent also to detoxify the body), moisturize its skin from the inside and make it more elastic. In addition to internal hydration, it also moisturizes the skin surface thanks to ultra-rich creams, anti-stretch mark lotions, and some nourishing and regenerating oils.

Homemade treatment

There are many creams, lotions, butter, and oils to treat stretch marks. There are two oils with recognized effectiveness: rosehip oil and prickly pear oil. These vegetable oils are very effective and offer quick results, but require perseverance to reduce or eliminate the recent or old stretch marks (all the more effective on recent stretch marks). Their regenerating action allows a deep repair of the dermis. A massage of the zones is recommended to reinforce their effectiveness: one kneads the skin well to break the collagen fibers and force them to reorganize themselves.

Aesthetic medicine

Another option to reduce or erase stretch marks, go through aesthetic medicine. It makes the skin smoother, more radiant, and clears imperfections and scars. The peeling medium or deep allows abrasion of more or less deep layers of the skin, eliminating damaged skin cells. The dermis will be renewed in depth to leave the room, after a few sessions, to a skin that is smoother and scarred. The pigment laser is used to destroy the pigments responsible for the coloring of stretch marks. The fractional laser allows targeting some of the damaged cells of the skin while keeping small areas intact to accelerate healing. The skin is renewed in depth. Carboxytherapy is a totally harmless CO2 injection method that will allow revascularization of the skin. It will then repair itself, and renew itself as sessions to offer a skin tightened and smoother. Otherwise, nothing prevents us from


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