How to become popular: 7 simple tricks!

How to become popular: 7 simple tricks!

Cool, popular and funny: That’s exactly how we know the coolest girls in the school! But what makes popular girls so special? We’ll tell you their secret tricks.

1. Be nice!

Strangely, one often thinks of popular girls that they are (in fact) arrogant, and likes to seek evidence. Really now? Anyone who responds to normal questions with nasty slogans, draws on others and constantly emphasizes their own benefits, is definitely not popular. Even if someone is not nice to them, they stay calm. Kill them with kindness!

2. Accept the mistakes of others!

Instead of trying convincingly to present themselves as perfectly as possible, popular girls give others the feeling of being completely nice and sympathetic. They are facing, interested and accepting everyone the way he is. Of course they will be liked, because who does not want to be with someone who makes you feel like you?

How to become popular: 7 simple tricks!

3. Always be honest!

When asked what they think about something, they say it. They do not muddle up with answers that the questioner might like but tell the truth. Not just on “What do you think of my new hairstyle?” With “Honestly? Before she liked me better! “Answer. But whoever is serious and not mean is liked. If they are not asked, popular girls give NO comment …

4. Stand by your mistakes!

If you ask a popular girl, as it was last night at the Date, there is no problem to say: “MEGA FAIL! I was made too crass
and I just talked a lot of crap. “She does not need to talk things down. She admits when she did something wrong
and likes to point out her mistakes. She likes to exaggerate a bit: understatement is cool! 😉

5. Find yourself beautiful!

Yes, popular girls are beautiful, but their beauty has nothing to do with model figure, dream hair or great make-up skills. They can be small, big, fat or thin. Your beauty secret is: you are beautiful. They like themselves and are one with themselves. That’s why they have a stunning charisma.

How to become popular: 7 simple tricks!
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6. Belong to your opinion!

Whoever holds his flag in the wind and looks from which direction the wind blows less off. But you are not perceived like that! Only if you sometimes dare to disagree, to show rough edges, you look at you! Stand by the things that mean something to you: yourself, your friends, your ideals.

7. Take responsibility!

Whether class representative, team leader or conflict mediator – who takes responsibility, always exposes itself to criticism. Yes, you may not even be liked by some for a short time. But whoever stands up for others, becomes an important person for this person – whom you look up to and listen to – a popular adviser …


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