Here Everything You Need To Know About Vegetable Skin Oils

Here Everything You Need To Know About Vegetable Skin Oils

For those who enjoy skincare with natural products, they are a great and healthy option.

For those who enjoy skincare with natural and handcrafted products, vegetable oils are a great option. Unlike synthetic oils, they are extracted from plants from nature, offering skincare free of harmful substances.

Vegetable oils can be used pure or mixed with other products in your care routines such as moisturizers and serum. So that there is no doubt when choosing natural oils, dermatologist Alberto Cordeiro, who runs Horaios Estética de São Paulo, listed the 5 myths and truths on the subject. Check out!

1. Vegetable oils are biocompatible with the skin.

Truth. Because they are extracted from nature, vegetable oils have greater compatibility with the body and are spontaneously absorbed without risks of allergies or rejections that may occur with the use of synthetic oils.

2. There is no difference between organic and non-organic vegetable oils.

Myth. Ideally, vegetable oils should be organic, that is, that these originating vegetables have not been subjected to pesticides or other substances. “Thus, it is more certain that it is a quality oil, which comes from the good origin, being free of harmful preservatives and dyes”, comments the expert.

3. The use of oils is not recommended for oily skincare.

Myth. Although the product looks oily, its use is beneficial for all skin types and does not increase the production of sebum, whether on the face, body or hair. “Just understand if the type of facial oil you choose is specific to your skin type. The oil you will put on your skin is just a vehicle for the loading of some substances, while the oiliness has to do with the amount of sebum production from the sebaceous gland, ”he adds.

Thus, it is not the oil that will make the skin greasy, but the substance inside it.

4. Oils can be used at any time of the day.

Truth. Use is best at night, as it is when using substances to treat the skin. But you can use it during the day without any problems. However, keep in mind that after applying it, wait a few minutes for it to dry and you can rollover sunscreen as there is no oil with sunscreen property.

5. There is no correct way to apply the product on the face

Myth. The recommended are four drops that are already sufficient. “One drop on each cheek, one chin (chin) and one forehead (forehead) spreading to the rest of the face,” concludes the expert.


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