Hairstyles with Braids that will Mark your 'LOOKS'

Hairstyles with Braids that will Mark your ‘LOOKS’

Just as successful at a wedding as at a festival, braided hairstyles are loaded with advantages: they are cool for summer and comfortable for winter, they always favor and, with the right products, guarantee an impeccable look. Do you sign up to braid your hair from January to December? Here are some ideas!

If you are tired of pulling pigtails every time you do not feel like wearing loose hair, we will reconcile you with some good friends that maybe you left parked in childhood and now have become more fashionable than ever: braids. In addition to presenting many varieties, hairstyles with braids are worth for any occasion depending on the finish you give them. Bring them back to your life! 


How to do them? We are not going to deceive you: they require skill, a lot, but as soon as you take the trick there will be no one to stop you. Let them tell the Vikings … So, to the cry of strength and honor, we present the hairstyles with braids more top of the moment that you can do yourself.

 Headband braid 

Don’t panic: the headband braid is easier to do than it seems. With the line in the middle, make two low braids, knot the neck and raise them on both sides of the head up. Pick them up with invisible forks and go! 

Use The Braid Milk by L'Oréal Paris Stylist to give a romantic air to your braid headband, one of the trendy braids hairstyles

 Dutch braid 

The typical root braids are reinvented in this new version that, as the name implies, used Dutch women to collect their hair. Its appearance is the same as that of root braids but with greater relief. How to get them? The trick is to do them in an inverted way; that is, instead of braiding the strands inwards they mix out. To make them perfect, use a product that softens your hair beforehand, so you can tame it more easily: for curly hair we recommend Stylista Sleek; for the smooth, Stylista The Braid Milk.

beautiful hairstyles with braids very easy to make

 Boxer braid 

Perfect for festivals, especially if you give them a touch of color. These informal braids collect hair all over the head with root braids – reversed or not. You can make two on each side, three, four or creating lines all over the head. 

Another of the hairstyles with braids more in are the boxer braids, which look great if you give them a touch of color with L'Oréal Paris Hair MakeUp Colorista

 Pipe braid 

It has been the last to enter the scene but points out ways to become LA TRENZA. This hairstyle, also known as tube braid, is a combination between herringbone braid and French braid.  Its elaboration is a little different because here you have to wind the strands on a new one and not braid them as you normally do. Do you remember the bracelets with thread that you made as a child? Well the same, but this time in your hair.

Image result for beautiful hairstyles with braids very easy to make

 The classics 

And we could not forget the hairstyles with a braid of all the life: in high or low pigtails, the easy braids of root or of side never fail nor they go out of fashion. 

Use The Braid Milk by L'Oréal Paris Stylist in all your hairstyles with braids and you will get a fixed and shiny finish.

Warms dolls, degreases phalanges and … to braid! There will be no hair or event that resists you.


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