Hairstyle Man: Trends for 2018

Hairstyle Man: Trends for 2018

Which haircut to choose for the spring-summer season?

In 2018, men with curly hair are popular. But from shaved skull to mid-length cuts, all hairstyles have their say!

Hairstyle Man: Trends for 2018

In 2018, choose the right wick

For the 2017-18 season, the wick was already popular, in a chic, wise or romantic style. Before the summer of 2018, she gets a little fuzzier, as we have seen in some fashion shows (at Valentino, in particular). 

But if the impeccably placed hair scares you, you can add a wilder touch by pairing your hairstyle with a 3-day beard. Or opt for a destructured lock, with a capped-tousled effect. Ideal for a falsely-wise BCBG look.

Mount the volume

The undercut has long been favored by hairdressers and men. For this new season, even if we keep shorter sides, the contrast with the top of the head fades. Which does not prevent to keep a true volume and, preferably, a destructured style: put therefore madness in your hair!

Hairstyle Man: Trends for 2018
Wick sage at Valentino or volume on the top style Pompadour, it’s up to you!

Loops and still loops

If you think curly or straight curly hair is a curse, rest assured: you’ll be at the top of the trend this year. So, yes, it is not always very practical to style in the morning and it is not always pleasant when you come out of the water in summer. But style aside, you risk envy!

A bit long, but not too much

Neither too short nor too long: mid-length hair will be in the wind this season. In a sufier spirit or with a more retro look (the 70’s is back!), All styles are allowed. And if, in addition, you have medium and long curly hair, you’ve understood everything in fashion – and you’re in luck!

Hairstyle Man: Trends for 2018
Curly and medium-length hair is popular / © Pinterest – Y3 fashion show

And if we cut everything?

Conversely, and like the previous season, fans of the shaved head will still have their say. With one caveat, however: instead of shaving blank, try to leave 1 or 2 mm. It will always be easy to comb and it will prevent you from getting sunburn on the top of the head!

The coloration, in moderation

The colored hair and/or discolored returned to the front of the stage for several seasons. In fact, many men choose an offbeat hairstyle in the summer before returning to a wiser style in the fall. 
If you belong to this category, avoid all too extravagant colors (red, green, blue). In 2018, gray and blond are the preferred colors.

Hairstyle Man: Trends for 2018
Skull (almost) shaved and discolored hair: two key trends in 2018 / © Pinterest

The beard-hair association

It has already been mentioned a little earlier as well as in this previous article: in addition to the usual tips of face-lifts (think of your morphology and the shape of your face when you cut your hair), it becomes more and more important to choose his hairstyle according to his beard (and vice versa). 

In general, it is recommended not to give “too much information”. In other words, choose to highlight only your beard or your hairstyle and not both at the same time! If you have a beautiful long beard, avoid putting too much hair on the top of your head.

Hairstyle Man: Trends for 2018
© Pinterest

The lookbooks of the big hairdressing salons

As usual, we will end this issue on new trends in men’s hairstyles by a brief overview of the collections of major brands (Franck Provost, Jean-Louis David …).

Coiff & Co

Hairstyle Man: Trends for 2018


Fabio Salsa

Hairstyle Man: Trends for 2018


Hairstyle Man: Trends for 2018

Jean-Louis David

Hairstyle Man: Trends for 2018

Franck Provost 

Hairstyle Man: Trends for 2018




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