They are confused with grandmother and granddaughter, but in reality they are COUPLE and ready to reach the altar

They are confused with grandmother and granddaughter, but in reality they are COUPLE and ready to reach the altar

The applications to find a partner have achieved that a number of people with many differences know each other and although there are many failed love stories on account of this technology, there are also many successful that can attract attention.

This is the case of Julia Zelg and Eileen, who have a relationship that manages to steal the glances of everyone in their path because between them there is an age difference of 37 years and although they are confused with grandmother and granddaughter to leave all social prejudices to give yourself affection.

Both have formed a very stable courtship of several years, in which Julia is 24 years old and Eileen 61, so they have had to tell the rest of the world that “we are not grandmother and granddaughter, we are a couple and we are going to get married”.

They met in Tinder, the most famous dating application in the world, and since they started talking they have not separated again, they knew that there was something that united them forever regardless of the age difference.

They did everything possible to be together, which is why they are still very much in love and affirm that “we meet for love and not for an obsession or a fetish of age”

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“The difference in our ages has almost no impact on our relationship,” said Julia, who is youtuber and influential, so she shares her daily life with her followers.

In addition, the young assured about how well they carry their love that “we are lucky to have a bond and an extraordinary attraction, as I had never experienced before” and thanks to their healthy coexistence have built a home in which adopted a kitten.

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