Glass hair, the shiny hair trend of August

Glass hair, the shiny hair trend of August

What is the Glass hair, a haircut adopted by many re-sta and visible on the networks? Hint: it does not have anything to do with the brittle side of the glass.

Glass hair, the shiny hair trend of August

When I think of holidays and our hair at this time of year, I think of beach waves. You know, hair disheveled by sea water in unstructured ripples.

The cut that smells like California.

Yet, social networks show that stars and influencers are far from this hair game this summers. Either because they did not go on holiday, or because they opted for another late summer trend.

Glass hair, smooth and shiny

If you’re not a fan of glued hair, this trend will please you because it’s the opposite. On a well-structured cut (short or long squares), the hair is smoothed, unraveled and especially bright.

As for the highlighter on the skin, the goal is to shine the lengths, not to keep a greasy hair from the roots to the ends. (What I would have preferred because the laziness of washing my hair on vacation is great).

A little overview is necessary, I feel it, you want to see what it looks like.

I start with Bella Hadid, who wears a very frank and graphic square (also called blunt bob, if you’re looking for some inspiration on Pinterest).


Kylie Jenner, blonde version.


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The actress and singer Lucie Hale wears it very well, with a makeup very present, which can modernize this cup is all very wise and classic.

Poison ivy ? we WENT for it tonight ☘️???

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Or a representative photo of actress Jenna Dewan, posted by celebrity hairdresser Cash Lawless.

How to make Glass hair?

Cash Lawless explains to Refinery29  the origin of this trend which hairdressers are beginning to seize.

“The glazed and shiny effect of glass was first popularized by Vidal Sassoon (a famous British hairdresser) in the 1960s.

He achieved incredible gloss levels on short geometric cuts. Now, the videos become viral and the hairdressers start to follow the trend. “

To achieve it, it depends on the nature of your hair. If they are smooth, untangle them well, then you can simply apply a serum or a small amount of oil in the palm of your hand (the coconut oil will be perfect), only on the lengths.

If you want to smooth them, do not forget to protect them from the heat of the iron or the hairdryer.  You can then add an oil or a gloss on the lengths. Again, coconut oil or jojoba, for example, it’s nickel baby. Or you can directly grab at Sephora or GMS.

Finally, you can completely wear a wig and take the opportunity to adjust the length of the square to your liking. What do you think of these smooth and shiny hair like glass?

I think they will not succeed in replacing the wavy hair of the beach in my heart!




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