Gifts for women for Valentine’s Day 2020

Gifts for women for Valentine’s Day 2020

Don’t you know what to give a woman for Valentine’s Day? Flowers, perfume, cosmetics or chocolates are safe bets. But there are also original options. Cherry-flavored body paint –for passionate moments–, aromatic hearts confetti or a heart-shaped luminous cushion.

In another article from TheWebFry we talk about Valentine’s gifts for men, today it is our turn for women, from € 3 you can have a nice detail, and the happy face you will see when you see your gift?

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Flowers for Valentine

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already given her flowers, it’s a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. In this case this bouquet of photography is very special, 12 roses are a large size and several pink colors are combined in red, white and pink. They are adorned with some green grass and 3 hearts.

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Heart Aromatic Confetti

A Valentine’s gift original and at the same time romantic. It is a confetti that sprinkles on the bathtub and leaves a rose fragrance, for a romantic bath. These confetti carry glycerin and paraffin so when they fall into the water they not only aromatize it, they also provide hydration to the skin.

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Cherry Flavored Body Paint

This is a gift for the couple, so you can also give it to a man, rather than a gift it is an experience that you will surely not forget. It’s a bottle that comes with an ostrich feather that you can use to write on your partner’s skin, but instead of ink you do it with a special liquid with cherry flavor and aroma. A pleasure for the five senses.

cherry-body paint

Write, draw and then “eat it with kisses”, the painting has a wonderful, melting texture and a delicate aroma and flavor. You also have it with dark chocolate, wild strawberry or yogurt. It is from a website that reinvents sensuality where there are all kinds of erotic toys, oils for massages and creams, flavors and smells designed for moments of passion. The guide price 19.95 €

Heart-shaped bright cushion

A light cushion that will help you relax, you press a button and it has a nice red light. Ideal if you want to have a romantic evening. You will give it to her and anyone who sees it will like it. It is very soft in white. A nice touch for Valentine’s day.

Gifts for women for Valentine's Day 2020

Warm bear

A Valentine’s gift Tender, it is a teddy bear that also serves to warm your bed. You just have to microwave it for two minutes. On the outside it is soft and inside they have wheat grains that retain heat, you can snuggle and feel the warmth.

In addition, wheat grains have a mild lavender aroma, they remain warm for up to two hours, releasing the mild aroma. Ideal to warm the bed when it is cold.

teddy bear

It measures 15.6x 29 x13.4. Be careful when you put it on the mic, as it will be very warm (at that time it is better not to put it in contact with the skin for a long time). You have it from € 15, indicative price.

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Beauty set “Gold of the desert” with Argan oil

Gifts for women that take care of the skin with a delicate perfume.

  • A beautiful tray that also carries several products with argan oil, a very fashionable nutritive substance in cosmetics.
  • Nourishing hand cream with Argan oil and desert jasmine extract
  • Nourishing body butter with argan oil and desert jasmine
  • Nourishing bath foam with argan and desert jasmine oil
  • Nourishing lipstick with argan oil.

Gifts for women for Valentine's Day 2020

Cup that lights up

You will see the face of surprise that is left when this illuminated cup is in front of you. This is a cheap gift that you can make along with a bouquet of flowers, apart from the gift is the surprise when lighting the cup. The approximate price of the glass is € 6.



Just press a button on the base to illuminate with LED light. You have seven colors to choose from, which change as LED lights do, and in the end there is a multicolored show in the glass. All a surprise.

The cups are plastic dishwasher safe, (just unscrew the bottom where the batteries go). Size 19cm x8cm

Round shopper bag

A fashion bag in crocodile imitation leather finish, is a model of Mango which has bags and accessories very well priced. This bag is ideal to combine with everything, this one also in red and turquoise.

Gifts for women for Valentine's Day 2020

Candles with remote control

A Ideal gift for a romantic dinner or to watch a movie, but without wax and without getting dirty. Just touch a button and you’ll have the candles ready. If you have children at home, these candles will be great for you, there is no danger that any child can burn. You can use them both indoors and outdoors.

Gifts for women for Valentine's Day 2020

Snake print cardigan

The snake trend is fashionable, along with other animal prints such as zebra, tiger or leopard spots. This cardigan is from Mango, you can use it open as a cardigan or closed as a sweater.

Gifts for women for Valentine's Day 2020

The seductive vanilla smell

Another Valentine’s gift to enjoy it as a couple, a bath foam with a soft perfume. An exotic and sophisticated aroma with an oriental touch. In addition to wrap the evening of a seductive aroma the scented vanilla scented wands. The ideal complement for a romantic evening.

Gifts for women for Valentine's Day 2020

Videos with more gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

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