For a strong and wide back, these are the exercises that can not be missed in your routine

For a strong and wide back, these are the exercises that can not be missed in your routine

The work of the back deserves special attention in our training because beyond the aesthetics of its strengthening depends on the risk of suffering injuries, our posture and more. Therefore, if you are looking for a strong and wide back, we show you the exercises that you can not miss in your routine.


They are a very demanding exercise, which we all aim to achieve and perform perfectly because it contributes to the intense work of the muscles of the backand helps us to widen it easily.

However, chin-ups are not easy to achieve because they require a lot of force in the arms and back muscles to raise the weight of the body in a fixed bar.

Then, we can try its execution correctly and if we do not achieve it, train with exercises that will help us to carry it out.

If, on the other hand, we already have the strength and previous training and we can carry out several pull-ups in a row, we recommend putting into practice different variants of this exercise.

Horizontal rowing with bar and other variants of the oar


The horizontal rowing with bar is a very complete and demanding exercise for different muscles of the back. It also allows us to work with high weights and thus, challenge the area in question to stimulate its growth.

For its execution, we must load a bar and stand, tilt the torso forward and then make the rowing gesture by passing the elbows along the sides of the body.

This exercise requires a good execution technique so that its implementation is effective and safe as we wish.

Once the necessary practice and the correct technique have been achieved, we can add weight and apply different deadweight variants.


It is an exercise that works on all the latissimus dorsi, so it helps to widen the back.

It is done in a bench, although we could also execute it lying on the floor, with a heavy dumbbell that we must carry back of the body and return to our chest, with arms slightly extended, to work back and pectorals at the same time.

It can also be carried out in a high pulley (pullover in a high pulley), being in this case less risky and being able to mobilize greater weight, therefore, it is a highly recommended option that we can put into practice.

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